A staggering 3/4 of dog owners admit to celebrating their pooch’s birthday

– Study reveals dog owners are throwing fancy paw-ties for their pups and showering them with gifts
– Two thirds of Brits spend more than £10 treating their dog to an extra special day
– Over half treat their canine companion  to a special birthday feast

A new study by Lily’s Kitchen, Creators of proper food for pets/ or who make proper food for pets, found that over half of doting dog owners admits to throwing a birthday bash for their pup, and nearly 60% howl out the iconic ‘Happy Birthday’ musical number (58%) to their dogs on their special day. Pooch parents are happy to splash the cash when birthdays roll around, with almost two thirds (64%) of those surveyed spending more than £10 on gifts and decorations, making sure their hound has the celebration it deserves.

When it comes to the all-important birthday meal, more than half of owners (55%) prepare a special birthday feast for their canine companion, based on their own favourite meal. Meat loaf, fish cakes and chicken stew are just a few homemade doggy dinner favourites.

This increased humanisation of our four-legged friends has led to a growing demand for more occasion- based pet products, including celebratory dog meals and treats made with premium ingredients. Lily’s Kitchen has responded to pet parents wanting to celebrate their dog’s “adopted day” or birthday with the launch of ‘Birthday Surprise’; the first ever party-perfect meal for dogs made from three different fresh cuts of steak, potatoes, broccoli and herbs.

According to the study, spoiling our dogs on their birthday is all part of the deep “emotional connection ” we have with them; 41% of pet owners say they celebrate because “their dog is part of the family” and one in eight people feel that “their dog is like their child”.

Henrietta Morrison, Lily’s Kitchen Founder and CEO said: “Our dogs are family and they deserve to have the best day ever on their birthday. And steak dinners usually mark a special occasion for humans so what better way to celebrate than a nutritious doggy equivalent. The trend that sees us treat our dogs more like the rest of our family can sometimes end up in owners indulging their pets with harmful foods such as cake on their birthday, but we urge all owners to serve up proper food that’s safe and deliciously nourishing”.

Want to throw your pup a party? The new Birthday Surprise gift box RRP £9.95, is available to order from May 5th 2017 and will be sold on the Lily’s Kitchen website www.lilyskitchen.co.uk.




Burns On Keeping Pets Calm On Bonfire Night

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As many of us know, our pets can be stressed by the sight and sound of fireworks going off, Burns suggests the following measures you can take to try and reduce their anxiety. Firstly, consider your pet’s food, some contain additives that can affect behaviour. It may be beneficial to consider an alternative diet. Burns adult diets contain controlled protein levels and are free from sugars and chemicals such as colourings.

Keep your animals inside and spend time with them to soothe their anxiety. Different people let fireworks off at different times throughout this period. It can be difficult to avoid the noise and stress as it is unpredictable. But keeping your dogs and cats in after dark in the run up to Bonfire Night and for a week or so afterwards can help avoid the majority of it.

Make sure all windows are closed and lock cat flaps so that the pets cannot run away and put themselves in harm’s way. A typical reaction is to flee, so make sure there is somewhere they can hide themselves away if needed, if a dog is crate trained setting the crate up in their favourite place may help.  Closing the curtains and keeping the TV or radio on will muffle some of the noise as will double glazing, ensure the windows are closed to achieve the full benefit.

Don’t leave a scared animal alone if at all possible but try to ignore fearful behaviour, unless it is putting your pet at risk of harming themselves, to avoid reinforcing it. Using an Adaptil diffuser for a dog which may help them feel calmer through the release of pheromones or a Feliway diffuser for a cat, which helps it in times of stress and stops irrational behaviour. Never punish them for being scared, this could heighten your pet’s insecurity.

Burns adult diets contain controlled protein levels and are free from sugars and chemicals such as colourings. Based on whole grains the food promotes stable mental and physical health. Alongside Burns an additional meal of cooked porridge (without milk) may help calm your dog. Oats are rich in nutrients such as B Vitamins which are great for supporting mental well-being.

Outdoor pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs may also be scared by fireworks. It will help to make sure they are shut in their hutch with plenty of bedding to hide away in. Covering it with some old carpet could also help muffle the noise and prevent them from seeing flashes that may distress them. You could also consider moving the hutch indoors, into a garage or shed during firework season.

For nutritional advice or to find out more about Burns Pet Nutrition please visit the Burns website: www.burnspet.co.uk/index.html 

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Pets as Therapy at the LovePets Show

Alfie will be ‘all ears’ at the LovePets Show!
“My name is Alfie and nothing makes my tail wag more than having my ears tickled by a terrific story. Horrid Henry, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid – I lap up every word because I love to listen to children reading out loud, and I’ll be revealing why at this year’s LovePets Show in Peterborough.”

Alfie is one of the P.A.T. dogs from the charity Pets As Therapy who children will be able to read to at the LovePets Show on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October, highlighting the benefits of the Read 2 Dogs programme. It will be a fantastic weekend for the special team that helps pupils in schools, and visits patients in local hospitals, hospices and care homes.

Already familiar to a number of local schools in the region, Pets As Therapy will be popular part of the Mars Petcare Charity Zone at the LovePets Show, Peterborough’s great-value family day out for people who are passionate about their pets.

Maureen Hennis, chief executive of Pets As Therapy, explains: “Our volunteers have been taking dogs and cats to visit elderly and poorly people since 1983, and in the past couple of years we have developed the Reading To Dogs scheme. This encourages children who are reluctant readers to read a book aloud to a dog, and gain confidence as they do.

“Children love having a P.A.T. dog come in to their school to listen to them, and this boosts their enjoyment of reading as they pick out books that they think the dog might like. They don’t feel they are being judged, and feel that they are actually telling the story rather than just reading out loud to an adult.”

Through its Charity Zone, Mars Petcare will give visitors to the LovePets Show the chance to find out about volunteers and volunteering opportunities, and discovering the touching stories they have to tell.

Angie Phillips from Mars Petcare, said: “Pets As Therapy and the animals charity Wood Green are just two of the organisations that Mars Petcare supports and will be meeting people at the show to demonstrate the important and very different roles they play in finding caring homes for animals, and helping people of all ages benefit from contact with a pet.

Looking forward to the LovePets Show: A.J. the Labrador and owner Allen Parton volunteer for Pets As Therapy

“There are lots of exciting activities planned in the Charity Zone: Pets As Therapy will have space for children to sit and read to one of their P.A.T. dogs, while Wood Green will be offering toy-making, children’s face painting, rehoming cute toy pups through their micro chipping game, as well as giving special talks about rabbits and ferrets in the Presentation Arena.

“There will also be a rehoming wall at the show, where visitors can pick up information about pets looking for loving homes.”

LovePets, hosted by TV vet Marc Abraham, features Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists Pippa Langhorne and her opera-singing pup, the world’s loudest-purring cat, dog behaviour experts Jez Rose and Karen Wild, plus a menagerie of magnificent animals including birds of prey, Siberian huskies, Shetland ponies – and Ptolemy the giant tortoise.

Throughout the weekend there will be amazing displays of animal obedience, agility and cuteness, plus stands and stalls offering goodies from top pet stores and suppliers from across the UK. All visitors will receive a book of vouchers on entry to the show, giving them great offers, discounts and freebies at stands within the exhibition.
LovePets is sponsored by Mars Petcare, Zoflora, Welcome Cottages, Direct Line Insurance, Your Dog, and Your Cat Magazine. The event takes place at the indoor EXEC venue at the East of England Showground, Peterborough, just off the A1.
Although visitors can’t bring their own pets into the venue, there will be plenty of animals inside wanting their attention. Parking for the pet exhibition is free.

Tickets booked at www.lovepetsshow.co.uk before Thursday 27th October offer a substantial saving, with online family tickets (two adults and three children) just £12, or £18 on the gate. Nominated animal welfare charities will receive 10 per cent of ticket sales.

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