Ultimate Ninja UK, an exciting new sports recreation business, will be opening its doors in Colchester, Essex this Autumn.

Featuring a 5000ft2 state-of-the-art extreme obstacle course and training facilities, it will offer a uniquely challenging experience to anyone who thinks they have what it takes to become an Ultimate Ninja by reaching the end of the challenge.

Conquering the obstacles will require strength, agility, balance, co-ordination and stamina, plus a lot of determination! It will therefore appeal to people from a wide range of fitness and sporting disciplines, including gymnasts, martial artists, parkour athletes, fans of Crossfit training and the huge number of people who regularly compete in outdoor OCR events across the UK.

The Ultimate Ninja Experience[4]-1.jpg

The first of its kind, the Ultimate Ninja UK facility will offer a twin lane obstacle course, enabling real-time competitive races so that individuals and teams can race each other as well as the clock.

The Ultimate Ninja UK obstacle course will provide challenges similar to those endured by competitors on the worldwide TV phenomenon Ninja Warrior. First screened in the mid-nineties as Sasuke, the Ninja Warrior format follows in the footsteps of other hugely popular extreme obstacle course challenge TV series’ such as Total Wipe-Out and the eighties classic, Gladiators.

Although the ‘elite athlete’ competitors of the Ninja Warrior TV series will be welcome to use the facility for training, Ultimate Ninja UK will be for anyone wishing to experience the thrill, excitement and sense of achievement they’ll get from conquering the obstacles. The design of the course means that it can be adapted to suit children as well as adults, so that children from eight years old will be able to race each other – or their Mums and Dads! Training sessions will also be offered to enable absolutely anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, to tackle the Ultimate Ninja UK course – and improve their fitness, strength and agility as they learn.

The extensive training facilities will also be put to great use during unique and regular Ultimate Ninja UK Charity Challenges. Designed to raise funds for needy causes through personal sponsorship – each Charity Challenge will start with an eight week training course, designed to provide the skills, fitness and agility needed to conquer all of the obstacles, meaning once again that the Ultimate Ninja UK experience will be open to all, regardless of age or fitness level. Each Charity Challenge will culminate in a timed run over the whole Ultimate Ninja UK course – in front of and supported by an enthusiastic audience of family and friends!

The Ultimate Ninja Experience[4]-2.jpg

Ultimate Ninja UK will be joined onsite by further fitness, martial arts, wellness and beauty facilities – including the Energyze Kitchen café – and boasts secure parking. The site will also offer a range of group activities such as children’s birthday parties and corporate team-building events – providing a complete sports recreation destination for all, under one huge roof!


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