**A book at bedtime!**

**A book at bedtime!**

Researchers at the University of Sheffield found that reading a book to your baby before bedtime could help them learn more quickly.

It seems that sleeping actually helps infants to develop their memory and retain new skills rather than when they’re wide awake! To improve their learning abilities parents should be settling their infants with a book before bedtime.

Booktrust’s Chief Executive, Viv Bird comments:

“At Booktrust, we believe reading is a vital part of every baby and child’s bedtime routine. Just by reading aloud together for ten minutes a day will see them grow into eager, confident learners, acquiring listening skills and gaining new words that are far beyond their reading ability.

“But reading at bedtime doesn’t just give them a head-start in learning but establishes a routine of sharing a story and providing a special time for parents and carers to build a strong and loving relationship with their child.

“We are pleased that the evidence from the University of Sheffield research supports Booktrust’s work in encouraging parents to read regularly with their babies and children.”

Booktrust will be exhibiting at The Baby Show which is taking place from 20th-22nd February at London ExCel. For further information and tickets please visit www.thebabyshow.co.uk



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