Top secrets to stubborn stain removal – revealed

Stubborn stains come in all shapes and sizes from grass stains and food spillages on kids’ uniforms to makeup on mums’ tops and coffee stains on dads’ ties.  Unfortunately, as every parent knows, dirt, grime, grease and food stains can prove really tricky to remove from clothes.

Thankfully ACE provides a gentle way to remove tough stains, ensuring that the whole family’s clothes look pristine and spotless every time – and all at a fraction of the cost of the UK’s top-selling stain remover! 

ACE can be applied directly to stains or simply added to a wash to unleash its stain-fighting powers.

The stain experts from ACE reveal below the top secrets to banishing those stubborn stains for good:

1.  Take action to deal with the stain as soon as possible. The longer a stain is left the harder it can be to get it out. Getting kids to remove grubby sportswear and school clothes when they come home and then tackling the stains immediately with ACE will help to eradicate stains completely.

2.  Remove excess gunk, such as mud, ketchup or food remnants, from the offending items of clothing before starting to treat the stain with ACE stain remover. The best way to do this is to use a spatula or plastic spoon to remove the surplus grime otherwise there is a greater volume of stain power to deal with and this makes it much harder to get out.

3.  Blot the stain rather than rub it which only enables the mark to penetrate deeper into the fabric making it more difficult to remove. Use a white clean cloth and repeatedly press it into the stain in order to soak up any excess liquid. Once most of the liquid has been absorbed it is then time to apply ACE stain remover to really get to work on eliminating unsightly blotches.

4.  Treat the stain from underneath so that the water pressure is directing the mess off the mark and not deeper into the fabric. Applying ACE stain remover in this manner is a highly effective way to make stains disappear.

Perhaps the most illuminating fact about stain removal is that if the stain is prominent when the garment goes into the wash, then it is likely to be there when it comes out unless a stain-removing additive is used. The good news is that almost any stain can be removed but the real secret is to do the work and attack the mark with ACE before or during washing.

Kevin Day, from Robinson Young, UK distributor of ACE said,

“Children’s clothes can be a real magnet for mud, dirt and grime and it can be a tough job for parents to keep their kids’ uniforms and sportswear looking good for longer. ACE is particularly effective at removing stubborn stains and is formulated to tackle the eight most common stains caused by dirt, grease, makeup, body soils, food, drink, outdoor and enzymatics.”

ACE is currently available from Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, some branches of Asda and Poundland.  One litre of ACE Gentle Classic retails at £1.99 and ACE capsules retail at £3.99 for 14.  A 700ml bottle of ACE Gentle will be launching in Poundland in January 2015.


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