Under ten and braved a bite of a Brussels sprout? You could have what it takes to become Dobbies’ Assistant Head of Christmas

  • National retailer launches search for Assistant Head of Christmas to join the team
  • Role will include decorating trees, selecting delicious food and wrapping gifts
  • Hopefuls can apply for the position online, and will have the chance to meet Santa himself

Today, Dobbies Garden Centres launches a nationwide search to recruit its very first Assistant Head of Christmas, aged ten or under. The company is looking for candidates from across the UK to fill the post and is encouraging hopefuls to apply online.

The successful candidate will be formally introduced to Santa and assist Dobbies’ long standing Head of Christmas. This will involve transforming stores into winter wonderlands by decorating its real Christmas trees, deciding which festive items make it to the front of the store, selecting culinary delights for the food hall and wrapping gift items for customers to purchase.

As part of its search, Dobbies has released a set of criteria for Assistant Head of Christmas applicants, outlining what the company is looking for in its new recruit – detailed as follows:

  • Aged 10 or under
  • Be able to name all of Santa’s reindeers
  • Have tried a Brussels sprout
  • Like the colours red and green
  • Have a keen interest in decorating trees
  • Know how to wrap a present (even the circular ones)
  • Be on the right side of Santa’s ‘naughty or nice’ list

Candidates need to fill in an application on the Dobbies website, stating in 100 words why they love Christmas and how they have previously helped their family to get ready for the festive season. Pictures of applicants enjoying Christmas is also highly encouraged.

The search launches in response to research amongst customers, that reveals the vast majority (84%) believe getting kids involved in Christmas preparation makes it more magical, with a similar number (86%) agreeing they like getting their children’s opinion when making decisions about presents and decorations.

The survey found two in five families (37%) spend at least two months getting ready for Christmas and 88% of children help to decorate the house, with 65% wrapping presents and more than a third kicking off their culinary skills early (35%) by assisting with Christmas dinner.

Head of Christmas at Dobbies, Wendy MacKenzie, says: “We’re looking for a child with buckets of energy and a real passion for Christmas to help us make our stores even more magical this festive season. Between meetings with Santa, decorating trees and tasting treats, our new recruit will be kept busy with what we believe is the most exciting, and unusual, role on offer to youngsters this year.”

To apply for the position of Assistant Head of Christmas, children can visit the application page on the Dobbies website  www.dobbies.com/christmashelperwith their parents and follow instructions.

Assistant Head of Christmas (2) Assistant Head of Christmas (5) Assistant Head of Christmas (6) Assistant Head of Christmas (9) Assistant Head of Christmas (10) Assistant Head of Christmas (11) Assistant Head of Christmas (12)


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