Take an Animated Look at Chelmsford History

Meadows Shopping Centre in Chelmsford is stepping back in time this month with their history themed App, WW1, offering shoppers a FREE unique 3D Augmented Reality experience looking back on the history of Chelmsford.

During November our WW1 History Trail will invite shoppers to learn about a chronological history story running from 1914 to 1919, with a whole host of interesting facts and images taken from the local area to educate shoppers about times gone by.

Ian Hook, from the Museum of the Essex Regiment at Chelmsford Museum, commented: ‘One hundred years on from the Great War it is crucial that people can learn of the bravery and determination of the men and women who once filled their town. This is a fantastic way to educate the locals of Chelmsford on the amazing history of the surrounding area.

We have a lot of heritage in Chelmsford and to be able to communicate this in such a modern way that is a lot more interactive and exciting is really engaging.’

The Meadows Experience, which is for Android and Apple devices can be downloaded from the App store, and offers shoppers an engaging and interactive 3D experience, they can quite literally delve into.

It’s simple to download and play by following three quick and easy steps; visit the App store, download the App, and then play the interactive 3D Meadows Experience. Once in the shopping centre, shoppers will be invited to hold up phones to the different assets located around the Meadows and enjoy playing the games for a chance to win shopping vouchers worth up to £200.

Simply for downloading the App and registering, shoppers will also be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of shopping vouchers.

Next month shoppers will be able to get into the festive spirit by searching and solving the mystery to Santa’s missing sleigh. Children and families will be able to search the animated boards and play games to be the first to find the Santa’s sleigh and have fun with our 3D elves.

Plus, shoppers can take advantage of exclusive retailer offers and discounts  Offers have already been secured by a number of different retailers including; Wilko, Giraffe, Wildwood, Regis, James Bryan Opticians, Odeon and Starbucks.

Sue Patel, The Meadows Shopping Centre Manager, commented: “Including a local history theme within our App is a really nice way of showing how our town has grown and developed, as well as providing them with an interactive history and educational experience during their visit to the centre. We’re very grateful to the Chelmsford Museum for supporting this activity and helping us give a true picture of the history of Chelmsford.

The different themes and games across the Augmented Reality platform have and I hope will keep shoppers entertained whilst at the centre, plus give them the chance to win shopping vouchers worth up to £200 simply for taking part. We have our Christmas experience launching from 30th November, giving people the chance to find Santa’s missing sleigh!”

For more information please visit our website www.themeadows.co.uk , Facebook or Twitter pages.


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