‘A’ clean sweep at Ipswich High with record breaking A* and A results

Students at Ipswich High School are celebrating after achieving record A level results. 

The A* grades are the school’s highest ever recorded at 35.2%, and 60.4% were graded A* and A.  Almost half of the individual candidates achieved straight A* and As.

Both Chemistry and Latin saw a clean sweep of straight A* and A results, with French reaching 83% of the top marks, closely followed by

Maths and Spanish where 75% of all results were A* and A.

There was a 100% A* success rate in Art, and one of the Art students Charlotte Cubitt (18) is delighted to be going to the renowned Falmouth College to take an Art Foundation. 

Twins Emily and Alice Robinson, aged 18 who had previously scored an astonishing combined 22 A* and As at GCSE, continued their run of success with 8 A* grades between them at A level.  Emily is now going on to study Philosophy at her namesakes’ Robinson College, Cambridge while her sister is heading to Imperial College to study Material Science and Engineering. 

Oona Carlin, Head of Ipswich High said “I am really proud to be celebrating with the girls today; this is a tremendous day after a brilliant first year as Head of this school.  The results are testament to the students’ dedication and hard work and the invaluable contribution by our teaching staff.  Thank you to all the parents and staff who support the girls to achieve such outstanding results.”


“I am excited for their future – the students are off to study such diverse subjects at university from Arabic to Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celt; Nursing to Criminal Psychology; Engineering to Law.  Continuing our success in the Arts, we also have one pupil, Lizzie Adams (18) heading to the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) to study Stage Management.   This breadth of subjects shows just how the girls really are taking a lead in their own futures and following their passions.  Armed with such extraordinary results, they promise to have very bright futures ahead of them.”


A*                    35.2%

A* and A          60.4%

A* – C              85.7%

A* – E               98.9%


The School is hosting an Open  Day on Saturday 4th October from 9.30-1pm.  Register on line at www.ipswichhighschool.co.uk or phone Admissions 01473 201034.


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