Fantastic Faber-Castell Playing & Learning For Back To School

Creative Craft Sets

Parents can keep the children entertained for hours during the summer holidays with these fun, fuss-free Creative Craft Sets.


The Faber-Castell Craft Sets have everything you need for an adventure in the Ocean, Jungle and Desert. Simply colour in the artwork sheets provided, cut out, and connect using connector pens to make exciting shapes and creatures.


The set includes 12 connector pens, 50 connector caps, 20 connector clips, 6 Artwork sheets and an instruction booklet.



image001 image003 image005

 Priced at £7.99

Playful painting with the Faber-Castell ‘Creative Kids’ App

Wobbling mice, crawling bugs and giggling colour-ghosts – the Creative Kids app brings colour pencil pictures to life! It offers numerous fascinating applications to young artists from the age of six who want to experience great painting adventures. It’s easy as pie: step by step the app illustrates how moving images and animations can be created with paper, colour pencil and iPad. Children’s fine motor skills, creativity and imagination are playfully trained at the same time.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for the iPad free of charge. Many more exciting applications are still to come over the coming months.


Fun painting with colourful Grip Crayons


The colourful grasp- and finger crayons are made for kids between three and six years.

This enables even the smallest children to effortlessly create their first works of art.

The crayons are erasable and don’t stain, so children’s hands stay clean when painting.

£5.95 for Pear Shaped Easy Grip Crayons

£5.95 for Finger Shaped Easy Grip Crayons

image010 image008 image009

  Faber-Castell Connector Bucket  


Pieces your back to school essentials together

As children across the country prepare to go back to school, Faber-Castell has introduced a new product to brighten up their pencil cases.

The Faber-Castell Connector Bucket is a gift to parents and children alike.

The fun and innovative “connector clips” allow children to create their own designs and models,

as well as create their very own master pieces.

The pens can then be stored away neatly when your budding artist has finished with them.

Faber-Castell prides itself on combining practicality with design in order to meet all the family’s needs.

Parents can also rest at ease knowing that the safe water-based colours are washable from most fabrics,

allowing children to release their hidden artist and not destroy new white school shirts in the process!


image011 image012


Playing and Learning: Beat rainy day blues with Connector Paint box and Clic&Go water pot

The design experts at Faber-Castell have unveiled the latest products from the innovative Connector range, which has won numerous design awards.

Thinking of everything that little artists might need, the range includes the Connector Paint Box with 12 or 24 vibrant water-soluble shades of colour.

Also included is the ergonomic sliding grip Clic&Go paint brush, which means mums and dads need never worry about messy tables again.

In addition, budding Picassos need no longer rely on an old jam jar to wash their paint brushes as they create their masterpieces, thanks to Faber-Castell’s Connector Clic&Go water pot.



CONNECTOR paint box

Available with 12 or 24 vibrant colours in paint pans that can be separated and connected together

From £10




Innovative design includes folding mechanism and wavy rim which acts as a brush rest. Available in blue and blackberry

From £2.95

image016 image015



Ergonomic sliding grip protects the brush hairs. Available in 5 sizes

From £2.75




The Scribolino propelling pencil supports the skills in a child’s first years at school.

Its ergonomic barrel promotes the ergonomic triangular shaft and provides the highest level of writing comfort.

Comes in blue and blackberry shades, and also available in rollerball pen.

£3.95 each

 image017 image018

The new smudge-free Scribolino eraser leaves no trace of any mistakes that might be made

and is available in blue or blackberry shades.

£1.25 each

 image020 image019

Faber-Castell Colouring Party Bag Kit A for Children (Pack of 10)

Not sure what to include in your child’s party bags? Faber-Castell have done the hard work for you.

This Faber-Castell party bag kit is ideal for children’s parties with a fantastic selection of colouring goodies.

The pack includes: 10 x Faber-Castell red plastic party bags, 10 x Faber-Castell 12 GRIP erasable Crayons

and 10 x Faber-Castell Fun Fish Sharpeners.

Simple and easy to fill, with room for additional goodies or a slice of cake. A great way to end a great party!

£66 for pack of 10  

image022 image021 image023

 Available to buy at and


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