LIAM’S JOURNEY – In support of Cancer Research


LIAM’S JOURNEY – In support of Cancer Research   


In December 2013, Liam (6 years) was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma called “Interdigitating Dendritic Cell Sarcoma (“IDCS”).   There is very little information for IDCS.  Approximately 35 people worldwide have been diagnosed with IDCS.  Liam is the youngest person diagnosed.  After several biopsies and tests, it was decided the tumour had to be removed immediately.  The tumour was removed inside 2 adductor muscles in its entirety.  Liam is being followed up as an aggressive sarcoma every few months with MRI and chest scans indefinitely.  Without further research there are no answers in how to treat Liam.  The donations raised will help in the research we need to find a way to stop this horrific disease.  Please support Lee in his ambitious run in the London Marathon to support this fight on Liam’s behalf.  


If you would like to support Liam and The Bone Cancer Research, please sponsor Lee Everitt, who will be running the 2014 London Marathon.  The race is on Sunday 13th April.  Words from Lee “I would hugely appreciate any donations, that will act as part of my motivation to reach the finish line but more importantly will help Bone Cancer Research Trust in their research to help young boys like Liam Climpson, a friend of the family.”

Please click here to help raise money for this great cause.


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