KidAround has a new publisher!

There are exciting developments to report here at KidAround.

With immediate effect KidAround Magazine will be published by Trew Publishing Ltd, which is owned by Anna Hurley.  Anna has worked for KidAround as the Production Manager for 3 years and knows the business very well. She is already cracking on with the summer issue, which will be her first in charge.

Anna photoNew Publisher, Anna, has the following words for all our customers old and new:

“I want to express how excited and happy I am to be taking over the publication of KidAround magazine.

Please be assured that I will not be making any changes to the high quality or large distribution – you will still enjoy everything KidAround magazine has offered over the past 14 years.

Tracy has done a fantastic job building KidAround into the established name it is today and it is an honour to have the opportunity to continue to publish this magazine going forward. Being a mum myself, I know KidAround is every parent/grandparent/carers essential magazine.

I am very much looking forward to working with you all. Please do call  or email me if you have any queries”.

TracyOutgoing Publisher, Tracy, would like to say the following:

“As you will be aware, I have published KidAround for the past 14 years and worked with many of you for much of that time. I have now decided to move on and, luckily, Anna has stepped in and is taking over the brand and goodwill of KidAround from now onwards.

It has been a great pleasure and a privilege to work with you over the years. I am immensely proud of KidAround magazine and everything it has achieved and absolutely delighted that, thanks to Anna, it will be able to continue. The magazine could not be in better hands and I know Anna will do a terrific job and you will love working with her.

I will be working alongside Anna in a handover role for a while and then hope our paths may cross again in my new role at Piccolo Media – dealing with communications for small businesses.”

We are both really pleased and excited about these changes and look forward to working with our advertisers, stockists, editorial contributors and readers long into the future.

Posted by Tracy Thomas and Anna Hurley


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