What do women and men really want for Valentine’s Day?

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on! In Tada’s latest study on Valentine’s Day, they surveyed 2,195 people and asked whether they’d be celebrating this Valentine’s, what they’ll be buying and what they actually wanted.

Of those that will be celebrating Valentine’s Day men are prepared to dig deep and spend significantly more money than women. 62% of men will spend over £50 whilst 69% of women will be spending less than £50.

So will people manage to find the perfect gift for their loved ones? We asked people about their ideal Valentine’s gift and made an interesting discovery. Neither men nor women will be receiving their ideal gifts this year.

Men are on the right track and will be spot on purchasing jewellery or flowers for their Valentines. However gentlemen please think twice about ‘treating’ them to lingerie or chocolates. Women will not only spend less than men but they will also need a little more guidance on that perfect present. Ladies be warned that none of the men polled wanted chocolates or stuffed animals.

Posted by Lauren Oliver



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