Most Common New Years Resolutions

Most Common New Years Resolutions

Most Common New Years Resolutions

Tada recently looked into the Most Common New Years Resolutions and created this infographic report

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, most people simply… aren’t. “I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions” was the most popular answer on a recent survey of 3,736 online shoppers. However, those that are making resolutions tend to be extreme in their goals: 25% of people who want to lose weight want to lose more than 40 pounds, with six respondents willing to pay an astounding £10,000 to make it happen.

The most popular New Year’s Resolutions are all in the health and fitness category, followed by jobs and financial security, then service. To lose weight is the most frequently cited (32%), followed by to eat healthier food (26%), and finally to get fit (22%). The next most popular category relates to jobs and financial security. A combined 20% of men and women would like to save money, followed closely by 19% of those that would like to get out of debt.

And while most people simply aren’t making resolutions anymore, we found that some enterprising individuals are taking it upon themselves to complete some interesting resolutions this year: “Buy their girlfriend a car”, “Learn how to roll a joint” or “Dance more” amongst others.


* While women are more likely to make specific New Year’s Resolutions (54%), they are also more likely not to make them at all (20%).

* 25% of survey respondents want to lose more than 40 pounds in the new year.

* 6 respondents would pay more than £10K to magically lose weight.

* People cited taking advantage of more deals and vouchers as the most popular way to save money or get out of debt  (55%), compared to shopping less (52%), and eating out less (34%).

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Posted by Lauren Oliver 


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