Horrible Histories and Dr Who Lead a Packed Programme for Children and Families at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas

Heffers Classics Festival - 9 No copyright

Heffers Classics Festival

Horrible Histories and Dr Who lead a packed programme for children and families at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

Horrible Histories, the evolution of Dr Who, a comic masterclass and truth and lies in teen fiction lead a vibrant, interactive programme for children and families at this year’s Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

One of the main aims of the Festival is to inspire young people to embrace the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and a significant number of its over 200 events throughout the Festival are for children and families.

Ever wondered what it was like to live in ancient times? As part of Heffers Children’s Classics Festival, a Horrible Histories workshop on ancient Greece and Rome comes to Cambridge on 2 November. Ruthless Romans and gruesome Greeks is led Matthew Ward who appeared in three series of the award-winning children’s programme [10.30-11.30am and 2-3pm]. Also part of the Classics Festival is best-selling children’s author Caroline Lawrence  who will talk about where she gets her ideas from, how she started writing plundering Greek myths and how to daydream [3.30-4.30pm, 2nd November].

Many of the events for children will be held on 26 October as half term begins.

Historian Sean Lang questions what the changing face of Dr Who over the last 50 years tell us about ourselves, about Dr Who and about our ideas of what a hero should be. Dr Lang, a  senior lecturer in history at Anglia Ruskin University, says: “Doctor Who is a very British figure, which makes him an interesting sort of time traveller.  He started, life as a vehicle for teaching history, so it’s only right that historians should get their teeth into him!”  [26 October, 10-11am, all ages]

Later the same day the creators of The Phoenix comic will hold a comic creation masterclass on how to tell stories, create characters and stretch your imagination. The Phoenix is a weekly comic for children aged 8-12 which aims to make  reading more exciting. [26 October, 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm].

Passport to the past aims to inspire children to learn more about the ancient world at the Museum of Classical Archaeology by allowing them to design their own passport to the past before exploring the museum’s rare collection of plaster casts of Greek and Roman sculpture. [26 October 1-5pm]

For those who fancy an even older experience of history, the Cambridge Archaeological Unit is hosting Prehistory day – a hands-on day of ancient activities, including hunting with a spear thrower and bows and arrows, grinding grain to bake bread Neolithic style and creating rock art or pottery figurines. [26 October, 10.30am-4pm]

For teenagers, there is award-winning author Anthony McGowan who will talk about his fiction for young adults [26 October, 5-6pm]

Time the final frontier history and Doctor Who - Copyright  Neil Thompson

Time the Final Frontier

The Festival of Ideas, which runs from 23rd October to 3rd November, was the first public engagement initiative by a UK university to bring together an extensive programme of public events exploring the arts, humanities and social sciences. Events are held in lecture halls, theatres, museums and galleries around Cambridge and entry to most is free.

Other events for families and children include:

– a line dancing session for preschoolers, a combination of art and movement based around the Fitzwilliam museum’s collection of objects. [23 October, 10-11.30am, 1-2.30pm] \

– the Cambridge young composer of the year workshop: a chance to listen to new music created by young composers who entered the Cambridge Young Composer of the Year competition and learn more about composing. Ages 8+ [24 October, 7-9pm]

– a talk by Claire Harvey, captain of the Paralympics GB’s sitting volleyball team, about her life and her sport. [date to be confirmed]

– World of Wordcraft – play and learn with Faculty of Education activities including drama, stories, art, language and demonstrations of research equipment. Activities include the Frontier Poetry Corner, the CommunicArt Challenge, the Picturebook Area and a learning through play zone where children can play whilst parents listen to the talks by Mary-Anne Wolper and Fiona Maine on ‘The Potential of Picturebooks’ and ‘Film Talk: To Infinity… and Beyond!’, discussing how parents can best use these mediums to interact with their youngsters. A ‘Theatrical Frontiers’ drama workshop and an ongoing creative workshop with artists from Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination will also be on offer. [1 November, 10am-3pm].

Malavika Anderson, the Festival of Ideas Coordinator, said: “The Festival of Ideas has grown significantly over the last few years, in terms of both the number as well as the diversity of events on offer. We were delighted to have hosted over 14,000 visitors at the festival in 2012 and look forward to welcoming even more over 12 days this autumn. The theme this year – Frontiers – ‘explores how borders, boundaries and margins are being either challenged or reinforced around the world’ – has inspired the development of some truly exciting events.”

The University of Cambridge Festival of Ideas is sponsored by Barclays, Cambridge University Press and Anglia Ruskin University, who also organise some of the events during the Festival. Event partners include Heffers Classics Festival, University of Cambridge Museums RAND Europe, the Goethe-Institut London and the Junction. The Festival’s media partner is BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and its hospitality partner is Cambridge City Hotel.

The Festival programme and further information can be found at www.cam.ac.uk/festival-of-ideas
Twitter: www.twitter.com/camideasfest #cfi2013
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cambridgefestivalofideas
You can also download the Festival app at: www.cam.ac.uk/foi/app
Contact Festival box office
– 01223 766766

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