WIN! Let’s Do Mental Maths book by Bloomsbury

Classroom favourite, Andrew Brodie, brings confidence boosting resources to parents and children at home.

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With the constant demands of the changing National Curriculum and regular reports of UK pupils falling behind in basic maths and literacy skills, parents, teachers and children are under pressure. A new brand from Bloomsbury, Andrew Brodie Basics, aims to address the challenge with its structured tests, hundreds of tips and a fresh, colourful design to keep children engaged. Matched to the requirements of the National Curriculum, the six workbooks provide everything children need to build their confidence, boost their mental maths ability and extend their learning at home with parents.

Andrew Brodie, an expert on primary maths and literacy, is an established and highly respected name in the teaching community. His books have been providing teachers, parents and children with support in these subjects for 20 years.

Each book includes:

Over 800 questions covering all key aspects of the National Curriculum,
Regular progress tests
Tips, key facts and vocabulary from Digit the Dog
Brodie’s Brain Boosters test problem-solving skills
Over 100 reward stickers give an extra incentive
Apps available

The Andrew Brodie Basics titles will also be available as an app for iPads and iPhones. With thousands more questions, levels of increasing difficulty to unlock with rewards and even more facts and tips, it is an ideal platform for learning as tablets and smart phones increase in popularity as educational tools at home and at school.

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Andrew Brodie was a head teacher for twelve years after many successful years in the primary classroom. He began writing his bestselling educational books in 1992 and since then has established himself as a name that teachers have come to trust. He is still very much involved in education and continues to teach on a regular basis.

What’s your maths age? Clink the link, to find out!


KidAround have teamed up with Bloomsbury to offer five of these great books! (one of each age range). To be in with a chance of winning one, all you have to do is enter your name, address and contact number to Dont forget to mention which age-range your entry is for!

Closing date, 11th October 2013.

Best of luck!

Posted by Amy Moylan


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