WIN! Back To School: Parent SOS Book Bundle

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We are offering one book bundle worth £70!

To be in a chance of winning, all you have to do is enter your name, address and contact number to

Closing date 31st August

Good luck!


Does the sentence ‘Can you help me with my maths homework?’ fill you with fear? 

Are you agitated about apostrophes, stumped by stalagmites and stalactites, 

and muddled by the Magna Carta? 

RELAX. Help is at hand. 

Swot up before term starts with Square Peg’s handy Parent SOS guides to grammar, maths and other core subjects. Take the stress out of homework sessions with the kids and put the fun back into learning! 

Back to School PR-2GRAMMAR FOR GROWN-UPS: A straightforward guide to good English 

By Katherine Fry & Rowena Kirton
Published by Square Peg in Hardback at £10.99
9780224087018 / ebook available

Grammar for Grown-Ups is an accessible, light-hearted and straightforward guide to good English in the twenty-first century, covering grammar, punctuation, spelling, common errors and not so common errors, English abroad and literary terms.

Back to School PR-21MATHS FOR MUMS AND DADS: Take the pain out of maths homework 

By Rob Eastaway and Mike Askew
Published by Square Peg in Hardback at £10.99
9780224086356 / ebook available

Guiding parents through the basics of the maths their children are learning today at primary school, packed with insights into why children make the mistakes they do, and advice on how to improve their understanding.

Back to School PR-22MORE MATHS FOR MUMS AND DADS: The teenage years 

By Rob Eastaway and Mike Askew
Published by Square Peg in Hardback at £10.99
9780224095310 / ebook available

More Maths for Mums and Dads gives you all the ammunition you need to help you help your teenager get to grips with, and feel more confident about, GCSE maths.

Back to School PR-23HOMEWORK FOR GROWN-UPS: Everything you learnt at school… and promptly forgot 

By E. Foley and B Coates
Published by Square Peg in Paperback at £8.99
9780099540021 / ebook available

Whether you left school last year or a few decades ago, this is the perfect book to (re)teach us all those things we used to know. This number one bestseller gives you your chance to swot up on History, English, Maths, Science, Geography, PE, Home Economics, Classics, RE and Art.

Back to School PR-24ADVANCED HOMEWORK FOR GROWN-UPS : Old school lessons for clever clogs 

By E. Foley and B. Coates
Published by Sqaure Peg in Hardback at £12.99
9780224086349 / ebook available

Tackle logarithms, unlock the secrets of semantics, explore the Agrarian Revolution, and take on new subjects such as Music, Modern Languages, Economics, Politics, Philosophy and Psychology, as well as Design and Drama.

Back to School PR-25HOMEWORK FOR GROWN UPS QUIZ BOOK: Fiendishly fun questions to test your old-school knowledge 

By E. Foley and B. Coates
Published by Square Peg in Hardback at £9.99
9780224095204 / ebook available

Test your wits, compete with your loved ones and stimulate the grey matter with these devilishly diverting and fiendishly fun questions on all the old-school subjects, from English Literature and Mathematics to Home Economics and Religious Education.


By Dave Rear
Published by Square Peg in Hardback at £12.99
9780224087025 / ebook available

A history book like no other – an irreverent, rollicking romp through everything interesting that ever happened on planet earth from 15 million years BC to today.


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