Can you help? Child’s lifetime of suffering to be reduced by operation in USA.

RoxiThey say bad luck comes in threes, but for 22 month old Colchester born Roxanne Aldrich, her whole short life has seen one problem come after another, leaving her with a medical file thicker than those of both her parents combined.

Even before birth, Roxi’s medical history was picking up pages and her lifetime of suffering has culminated with a recent diagnosis of Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. A disability that stiffens her legs and means she may never walk. If mother Adriana, had not stumbled across the symptoms/causes of CP as part of her university studies, Roxi’s disability could still have remained undiagnosed. As health professionals continually said she would catch up on her missed developmental milestones, such as rolling on her front, crawling and even touching her toes. Blaming her slow physical development on the fact she was born 7 weeks premature and her content nature.

Having finally got a diagnosis, Roxi’s parents Joe and Adriana, have learnt of a revolutionary surgery known as SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) which, if undertaken will almost certainly guarantee Roxi being able to walk unaided in the future.

To get the surgery their daughter needs, the family have started a fundraising appeal, with an aim of generating £50,000 before Roxi’s 3rd birthday. In the first week alone they had generated over £1000 through Facebook. The family’s hard work and dedication to Roxi’s future has persuaded Caudwell Children’s Charity to take notice and they will soon be covering Help Roxi Walk with their registered charity status.

  • FEBRUARY – JULY 2011:  3 months into the pregnancy, Mum/Adriana was told she had miscarried, yet an emergency scan showed Roxi was still there.
  • At 23 weeks an examination of the cervix showed it was too short and there was a possibility of premature labour. Intervention was not possible as it would almost certainly cause pre-term labour.
  • 9 weeks before her due date, Adriana’s waters broke meaning daily hospital check-ups were required. Because of this and earlier complications she spent the majority of her pregnancy in bed resting.
  • AUGUST 2011: Born 7 weeks premature due to an infection and delivered with forceps, Roxi appeared to not be breathing following delivery, and was quickly rushed into Special Care.
  • Roxi’s first 24 hours were spent in an induced coma whilst she was given steroids to help her lungs develop.
  • Roxi was tube fed breast milk as her natural sucking reflex had not yet developed.
  • She was treated for jaundice and reflux and had a painful lumbar puncture to check for infection as well as regular blood checks.
  • SEPTEMBER 2011: Following her discharge from SCBU (still with jaundice), Roxi was soon in hospital again after frequently stopping breathing.
  • JUNE 2012: Following a home visit by the Health Visitor, Roxi was assessed as reaching her developmental milestones.
  • JULY 2012: Roxi gets admitted into hospital again with further breathing difficulties and is given a steroid-inhaler for future use.
  • AUGUST 2012: At one year of age Roxi was unable to touch her feet, roll-over, sit-up unaided or crawl.
  • The day after Roxi’s first birthday she had corrective surgery on her eyes for a squint.
  • SEPTEMBER 2012: Roxi was seen by orthopaedic but X-Rays showed no problems and physiotherapy was considered unnecessary. Once again she was expected to meet her developmental mile stones.
  • OCTOBER 2012: Roxi is seen by a dietician following concerns her physical delay is related to her size. Dietician reports no concerns for Roxi’s diet.
  • Adriana reads about the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy and the family immediately contact their GP.
  • NOVEMBER 2012: Having been placed on the waiting list for a Physiotherapy assessment, Roxi’s parents arrange for private physiotherapy treatment.
  • DECEMBER 2012: Paediatrician arranges for MRI and urgent physiotherapy.
  • JANUARY 2013: 8 weeks after her first physiotherapy session, Roxi begins to commando crawl.
  • Roxi goes for her MRI but the sedation fails to work.
  • Roxi finally receives her first physiotherapy treatment through the NHS.
  • FEBRUARY 2013 Roxi attends a second MRI but the sedation fails once again.
  • MARCH 2013: Roxi is diagnosed as having Cerebral Palsy despite not having MRI results and as part of her treatment is prescribed a muscle relaxant called Baclofen.
  • 2 weeks after taking Baclofen, Roxi goes from commando crawling, to arm and leg crawling and almost overnight is able to get herself into a sitting position.
  • APRIL 2013: Adriana and Joe learn about SDR treatment at St Louis Children’s Hospital, Missouri, USA.

“If you knew you could give your child the opportunity to walk, who wouldn’t try to make that a reality” Adriana Martinkovicova – Mother

Our aim is to give our beautiful girl a bright future.  A future without walking frames or wheelchairs where one day she can walk and dance with her friends. Joe Aldrich – Father

To find out more simply visit and for regular updates on the fundraising process go to

To contact the family please email:
or call 07845 828 315.

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