The Big Green Weekend is here.

Spare a few hours  to take part in the Big Green Weekend, an event being organised by the Conservation Volunteers.

The Conservation Volunteers charity urges everyone to do their bit to protect vulnerable everyday green spaces or risk losing them

  • Approximately one-third of the UK’s green spaces are under threat
  • Big Green Weekend 2012 launches to inspire nationwide conservation action

The Conservation Volunteers, an environmental volunteering charity, is calling on everyone to get involved in taking care of their local green places as part of the Big Green Weekend, the UK’s biggest weekend of conservation action, and play their part in preventing these vital green areas from disappearing. The Conservation Volunteers’ Big Green Weekend will take place across 5-7 October 2012.

Around a third of the UK’s natural assets, including green spaces, rivers, wetlands and wildlife habitats, are in danger of being lost to development or degraded through neglect. 10,000 playing fields were sold off to enable development between 1979 and 1997 and today only 10 per cent of allotments in the UK are active.

Miles Sibley, Director of Strategy, The Conservation Volunteers, said: “We’re at a critical time for UK conservation and while people need green places, green places need people to look after them so they can continue to be enjoyed by the communities who rely on them for social, physical and emotional wellbeing.

“We’re urging everyone to get involved in protecting the green spaces they care about by joining in the Big Green Weekend and making a positive environmental change in their local community.  We know that access to good quality green spaces not only strengthens communities but also makes people feel healthier and happier – great reasons for all of us to join in and feel good this October. We have the power to make a long lasting impact on the parks, woodlands and allotments we enjoy every day and preserve them for generations to come.”

The Conservation Volunteers’ Big Green Weekend will encourage people from across the UK to get involved in looking after their local green places, from creating community gardens and clearing footpaths to conducting wildlife surveys and fundraising for local conservation projects.

Sir Tim Smit, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, The Eden Project said: “The Lost Gardens of Heligan were rediscovered with the help of hundreds of dedicated conservation volunteers.  And thousands of other smaller green places are reclaimed and protected every year through the efforts of The Conservation Volunteers. The Big Green Weekend is your chance to join in with the vital work that this organisation does. I am delighted to support the Big Green Weekend, and hope that you will too.”

Over 3,500 people volunteered as part of the first ever Big Green Weekend in 2011 and in 2012 there will be 10 flagship events taking place across the UK in Cornwall, Belfast, Staffordshire, County Durham, London, Kent, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Falkirk. A further 10 events across Europe will be run through The Conservation Volunteers sister organisation, the Conservation Volunteers Alliance.

For more information about The Conservation Volunteers’ Big Green Weekend and how to get involved visit:

The Essex event is being held on Mersea Island and is taking the form of a beach clean-up, more details can be found here.

Posted by Clare Kersey


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