Fill in the blanks!

This is your chance to try and win one of five copies of an exciting new book, called Fill in the Blank.

An Inspirational Sketchbook

With 100 different spreads, this book carries on the best-selling tradition of Wall’s Notebook from Quirk. Part doodle pad, design and drawing board, or inspiration workbook, Fill in the Blank offers you everything you need to create, with different subjects for readers to draw about, over, and on. The subject is provided on one page, and on the opposite is a blank page for your drawing – or perhaps you’d rather create your own foods on the dinner plates shown, your individual tattoo on the body, wine label, cereal box, car, skyscraper, topiary, house, castle, landscapes. Guaranteed to stimulate creativity in both adults and children, make you think outside the box, jump-start your imagination, prove a valuable learning aid, or simply offer hours of fun and make a great gift Fill in the Blank is the one book every artist, designer, child, and adult with a sense of humor should have this year!

ISBN: 9781594745805|£13.99| Paperback

To find out more visit the website

If you would like the opportunity to win a copy please visit our competitions page 

Posted by Clare Kersey


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