KidAround chooses Kids Inspire as charity of the year 2013

KidAround magazine has chosen Essex –based charity Kids Inspire to be its Charity of the Year for 2013. 

Tracy Thomas, Publisher of KidAround, explained the decision to support Kids Inspire.

“KidAround has always had the interests of Essex families firmly at our heart. The work that Kids Inspire do, reaching out to vulnerable young people and their families, really struck a chord with the team here. We are proud to be associated with them and looking forward to working together over the next year.”

What is Kids Inspire….

Sue Bell founded Essex children’s charity Kids Inspire in 2007. It is a community based organisation that aims to support vulnerable young people and their families. It is currently based in Chelmsford and Southend and aims to provide a bespoke package of intervention individually tailored to each child’s needs. Our work in schools helps to identify and address vulnerabilities in children, which might otherwise have gone undetected. Kids Inspire aim for each child to feel valued, achieve their full potential and be a respected part of the school and wider community.

Who they help….

The children and young people Kids Inspire work with vary widely, some have suffered bereavement , bullying, have no support at home or more complex cases – severe trauma, neglect or abuse and as a direct result, may feel disconnected from society. Their behaviour challenges teachers and support staff, these children are often labeled, may be misunderstood and excluded from school. Some may be suffering with a diagnosable mental health problem, which can be frightening for both the young person and their family. Life is not always predictable and the way that Kids Inspire respond to situations beyond our control can sometimes surprise and worry those around us.

Children who are in need may be referred to Kids Inspire by schools, social services, GPs or their families. Some may be identified by us through our work in schools, the community and some may contact us directly.

How Kids Inspire makes a difference….

Kids Inspire provide a high level of expertise in meeting the needs of young people and children. Kids Inspire have over 100 years of combined professional experience.

Our support services include:

Mentoring; complementary, group and family therapy; mediation; psychotherapy; counselling; drama, art, music and play therapy; social work; parent support groups. Training for young people, parents, teachers, and other professionals on a wide range of issues related to emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Through tailored packages of these services, Kids Inspire help children to explore, communicate and understand their feelings and experiences. In turn, this helps to heal wounds, build self-esteem, increase attainment and attendance at school and enables young people and their families to make positive choices for their present and future lives. This process takes time and patience but Kids Inspire is committed to help turn kids lives around.

Kids Inspire are currently supporting children in schools across Chelmsford and surrounding areas, Uttlesford and Southend and have received positive feedback below are a couple of testimonials from local Head Teachers and supporters.


“We have been working with Kids Inspire now for the past five years and during this time they have supported a number of children and their families. The work of Kids Inspire has enabled some of our most vulnerable children to engage with their education and adopt a far more posi-tive outlook about school and life in general. I know the families have benefited tremendously from their support and over time a number of parents have self-referred, seeking additional help and support.

In addition to the work with our children and families, Kids Inspire have also led some high quality staff training and will be working with ourselves and three other local schools this academic year delivering further training to our staff.”

Phil Kyriacou Head Teacher Kings Road Primary School Chelmsford

“We highly value the work that Kids Inspire have been doing with some of our families. They very effectively extend the pastoral support of the school into the home to promote emotional well-being and relationship-building. This is making a real difference the lives of our students and their families.”

Mark Farmer, Head teacher, Moulsham High School, Chelmsford

“I was so compelled to donate to Kids Inspire after the fashion show at Ingatestone Hall. I was moved to tears by the bravery of one of the speakers who told her story of how kids inspire has helped her and her family. Sadly I’m sure there are hundreds of people just like this who rely on the help of such a worthy charity like Kids Inspire”

Jo Ramage, supporter

“We were very impressed by the dedication of the Kids Inspire Team who work so hard to give dis-advantaged children and their families the kind of lifestyle that most of us take for granted. With the funds we raise this year, we hope to give a number of vulnerable young people the opportuni-ty to spend time away from their home environment for the first time, thus helping to broaden their horizons and gain the confidence to work with others in a positive way. ”

Richard Tredgett and Carole MacLeod Captains Channels Golf Club 2012

Some stories from the children Kids Inspire support…..

Chris. Bullying at his new secondary school ended in a suicide attempt. Funding enabled Kids Inspire to offer Chris therapy and mentoring, Kids Inspire also helped to find him a more suitable school. Chris is now happy. He’s enjoying life to the full and has a bright future.

Hailey. She is a gifted pupil who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s. As a result she has re-al trouble with forming friendships, with social boundaries, and suffers from anxiety. There has been real instability in her home life and in addition, as she generally presents as a younger child, Hailey has been the subject of bullying. Kids Inspire provide her with an art therapist who will help her with her non verbal communication and to put into pictures what she can-not put into words.

Tom. He wasn’t attending school until Kids Inspire began to work with him and his parents to discover that his Mum was suffering from some mental health issues. Kids Inspire referred her to Social Services to get her the practical support that the family needed and began to work with Tom on a one to one basis. As a result, Tom’s attendance at school went up to 96%.

Rhona. She suffers from low self esteem and was bullied at school. Family therapy revealed that her father had been abused as a child and that her mother has some mental health is-sues. Their sessions with Kids Inspire have allowed each family member to have a voice in a safe space.

Kids Inspire need people who want to be part of the story! Support them to support the young people of Essex! To find out more about their work please visit or call 01245 348707

Posted by Clare Kersey


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