National Work-Life Week

Working Families is a charity that is interested in helping parents and carers achieve a healthy balance between home life and work.  They also promote a week every year called Work-Life Week.

Putting in that little bit extra to get the job done well can be good thing, but it’s too easy for long hours to turn into a habit that eats into important family life. The charity Working Families, working with sponsors Bright Horizons, has named 24-28 September as this year’s National Work-Life Week, inviting people everywhere to think about the many ways we can pace our work to leave enough time and energy for some of the other things that are important in our lives.

A highlight of this year’s National Work-Life Week will be Go Home on Time Day on Wednesday 26th September. This year the Day will be sponsored by Bisto marking the beginning of a brand new partnership between Bisto and Working Families aiming to encourage people to go home on time and enjoy a mid-week meal with the family.

Work-life balance means different things to different people – it’s not about clock watching, more about recognising that life outside work is as important as the activity that earns you a living. It’s also about how employers acknowledge the responsibilities people have outside work – peace of mind helps productivity.

Sarah Jackson OBE, Chief Executive of the Charity Working Families, explains:
“Work-life balance is something we all need, but it can be hard to define. Go Home on Time Day focuses on one simple thing we can all do to help get the balance right – ideally not just once a year of course. With a bit of planning we can all pace our working weeks to make sure that going home on time is the norm, so that when people put in the little bit extra that’s needed from time to time it isn’t taken for granted. We invite everyone to put 26 September in their diaries right now – book a night in, a night out or just a nice clear evening to do as you please. It goes without saying that we’re asking bosses to lead by example!”

Working Families has led National Work-Life Week in the UK since 2010. Similar campaigns are catching on worldwide – Hong Kong has its Work-Life Week in October, and Australians mark a Go Home on Time Day in November.

Posted by Clare Kersey


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