How much do you know about performing first aid on babies?

The Essential Parent Company, advised by Professor Lord Robert Winston and leading UK medical establishments including The Royal College of Paediatrics, St John Ambulance, UNICEF, etc, has published an independent, evidence-based, ultimate visual encyclopaedia for new parents. The Essential Baby Care Guide comprises 4 DVDs with over 8 hours of visual demonstrations, covering everything new parents need to know to raise safe, happy and healthy babies.

Only this month the UK Government announced two major new parenting schemes – a website and parenting vouchers. These initiatives are deemed “vital” by the Prime Minister, who is quoted as saying that people “spend more time learning to drive than they do learning to become good parents”.

The Essential Parenting Company has been founded by two women with extraordinary backgrounds: Diana Hill, has spent 15 years as a noted Director and Series Producer at the BBC specialising in science programmes and Dr Rebecca Chicot, who has a Cambridge doctorate in Child Development Psychology.  Both women are parents and devised the DVD’s to meet the chronic absence of quality information and support for new parents.

Professor Winston, who has advised the company throughout, is the UK’s best known baby expert with over 40 years-experience as a scientist, surgeon, father and grandfather and is the most outspoken advocate of the overwhelming and urgent need for new parents to approach parenthood with the best possible parenting skills.

Independent research carried out by The Essential Parent Company has revealed the alarming statistic that 80% of new parents felt they were not equipped to deal with the practical side of parenting – indeed, over 50% were more confident at changing a light bulb than a nappy! And only one in three new parents was able to recognise symptoms of critical ill-health in their babies. These statistics coupled with the fact that at least 20% of new parents live more than 50 miles from their families underline the crisis that exists amongst the parents of the next generation.

The Essential Parent Baby Care Guide is solely concerned with supporting new parents in their own choices. The DVD content has been created to be completely non-judgmental:  if a mother wants to breastfeed, it shows her how… if she wants to formula feed it shows her the best way to do it.  It includes a practical first aid course demonstrating how to save a choking baby, how to recognise serious medical emergencies such as meningitis, resuscitation techniques, advice on issues of sleep, etc.

Says Dr Rebecca Chidcot, joint founder of The Essential Parent Company, “parents are so focused on the actual birth event that many are completely unprepared for the practical responsibilities that come with having a new-born baby. It is impossible to describe how becoming a parent changes your life and consequently we are delighted to finally be offering these parents useful, informative and supportive techniques and advice to help them with their journey”.

Posted by Clare Kersey


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