Isabella needs your help

Isabella is a special little girl with a rare illness.  She and her family need to raise money for her treatment. You can help Isabella and save yourself money at the same time! The information below tell you more about Isabella and then how you can help.


My name is Isabella Grace and I am now 6 years old and I have a very rare chromosome disorder, which doesn’t have a name as not much is known about it, in fact only 2 other people in the world are known to have it.

I have two holes in my heart but all the medication I take is making that ok at the minute, I also suffer from epilepsy which I struggle with especially in the winter.

I am registered blind and am unable to feed normally so I am fed by a machine through a tube directly into my tummy every day, but despite all this I am a very happy little girl and have started smiling and giggling although people are still trying to figure out what makes me laugh.

2 years ago my parents and their families, worked really hard raising money for nearly a year and took me to America to a specialist centre called Therapies for Kids. There they do a specialist intensive course of physiotherapy and intensive speech and language therapy and it was amazing the progress it has helped me make.

Before this I was unable to smile or laugh and couldn’t even hold a toy in my hand let alone play and sit up. But recently, as a result of the treatment, I have started to play with rattles and I can now sit up for nearly an hour on my own. Before the treatment I was attached to a machine that fed me twenty hours a day and was constantly ill to the point the doctors asked my Mum & Dad to sign a “do not resuscitate” form (which, gratefully, they refused to sign). Now I am still fed by the machine but I now only need to be attached five times a day for an hour at a time which makes it much easier for me to enjoy life.

The NHS is not able to fund the 1-2-1 physiotherapy I need, so even the physiotherapy that I have in this country has to be funded by my family and this is at a cost of £1,000 a month. In addition all of the specialist equipment I need costs a lot more than normal, which is why so much of my family’s time is taken up with fundraising to pay for the regular treatment I need.

My wish is to return to the Therapies for Kids centre in America as soon as I can to complete their 5 week treatment course, which they believe will one day help me eat for myself, walk, talk and enjoy my life the best I can.

To enable this to happen we need to raise £30,000 to fund this trip, and that’s why we have teamed up with Chelmsford’s inspirecard to make this happen – Instead of just asking for money, we want you to use our Fundraising Promotion Code: IsabellasFund to buy your inspirecards, so that you can get them for half price and save money, whilst helping me get the treatment I need.

Thanks so much for listening, and hopefully for helping – to keep up to date with how I am progressing and how the fundraising is going please do visit my blog:

Isabella Grace

Isabella’s inspirecard Fundraising Challenge
Raising £30,000 for Isabella’s Fund

How your business can support Isabella with inspirecard

  1. Encourage a minimum of 5 of your contacts, employees, customers etc. to take part in the challenge by joining inspirecardTMUsing Fundraising Promotion Code: IsabellasFund to obtain ½ price annual membership for £34.95
    • Each membership automatically generates a £10 donation to Isabella’s Fund
    • Each member is entitled to savings at over 150 local restaurants, cafes, shops, etc

Note: As an alternative, your organisation can choose to participate by purchasing the minimum of 5 inspirecard memberships directly for £174.75.

  1. The more participants you have, the more you raise for Isabella
    • All businesses achieving 5+ participants given recognition in our regular media updates
    • Top 10 fundraising businesses will be invited to attend a special media event to celebrate this amazing achievement and present the cheque
  2. Help Isablella spread the word
    Nothing works better than personal recommendation, please forward this challenge to 10 of your Chelmsford business contacts and let them know how may inspirecard memberships you have taken.Fundraising Promotion Code: IsabellasFund

If you have any questions regarding the Challenge, or would like any further information:

CALL 0843 289 5317 or 01245 364019, or email

For more details visit inspirecard

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