Dads – YOUR opinion and experiences are needed.

Calling all dads to come forward and share your experiences of the NHS regarding the birth of your child and also any other NHS experiences with them.

Britain’s dads encouraged to share NHS stories this Father’s Day

Britain’s Dads are being asked to share their experiences of the NHS this Father’s Day (Sunday, 17th June) to help improve health services for other children.

Whether it’s recalling the birth of a newborn or describing a hospital visit with their child, the independent NHS feedback site Patient Opinion wants to hear men’s tales of fatherhood in the health service. Their feedback will be shared directly with the NHS staff to help them make improvements or thank hardworking staff.

The campaign has already attracted some high-profile support, with former government advisor Alastair Campbell sharing his story on the site.

Recalling a visit to see his son in A&E at Royal Free London Hospital in London after he slipped and cut his head, Mr Campbell wrote: “I have a habit of fainting in hospitals and as I arrived I was telling myself I had to be strong for my son and not faint. Unfortunately the moment I saw him, hooked up to a drip, pale as a sheet, his head cut, I knew I was onto a loser. I said to the doctor I needed to sit down.
But before I reached a chair I crashed onto the bed next to his. We were in the blue tone zone for emergencies. Four beds – half of them taken by one family!”

Read the full story here.

Speaking about the campaign, CEO of Patient Opinion, Dr Paul Hodgkin said: “We really want Dads to get on the site and share their stories with us and the NHS, even if its just to say ‘thank you’ to the staff that treated their child. Your stories, good and bad, can make services better for other children and parents that come into contact with the NHS in the future.”

Dads can post their story by visiting can tweet about their NHS experiences this Sunday using #NHSdads.

Posted by Clare Kersey


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