Dead Time review

I am reviewing Dead Time, the new book by Anne Cassidy. It is the first in a new series called the Murder Notebooks, and the series is about two teenagers called Rose and Joshua, who are almost step siblings- or would have been, had their parents not gone missing years before. Now, after 5 years of not seeing each other, they finally go to meet again. On the train platform, Rose meets a boy from her college, Ricky Harris, who has always been horrible to her, who keeps calling her a “Stuck Up Snob” and other things like that, just because she went to boarding school, and doesn’t live on a council estate. They argue for a while, and then Ricky gets a call, from an unknown person at this stage, and walks off, up the footbridge steps. He then meets someone in a hoodie, and gets in a fight. Rose then sees the man in the hoodie walk off, and Ricky is not getting up. She goes up the stairs, only to see a red pool of blood appearing around Ricky. She is questioned by a police officer, who she is soon friends with. Josh and Rose then try to solve the mystery of their parent’s disappearance, and Ricky’s murder.

About halfway through the book, Ricky’s girlfriend, Emma, makes acquaintances with Rose, and they agree to meet Emma’s ex-boyfriend, Lewis Proctor- a likely suspect for Ricky’s murder- in a cemetery. They choose to meet 10 minutes earlier than Lewis told Emma to meet, but Rose is stopped by the police officer. As a result, she is about 10 minutes late for meeting Emma, with tragic results. She sees Lewis running out of the cemetery, and calls for Emma. No reply. She calls again. Again, no reply. She sees Emma’s purple top in the trees. She runs over, and sees Emma’s body, with a pool of blood spreading from her chest. Now, with two murders and a disappearance to solve, Rose and Joshua need all the help they can get. How will they do it? Read it and find out!

Dead Time: The Murder Notebooks by Anne Cassidy is published by Bloomsbury, and is available now.

Posted by Cicely Thomas


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