A summer of sporty family fun.

The Olympics are coming (46 days). How about some family fun to get a little bit fitter in time for its arrival?


Every participating household to receive a personal plan for a healthier future

With the most exciting summer of sport in memory fast-approaching, millions of families across England will this year be given personalised activity plans to help bring the country together and make us the most active Olympic host nation ever.

Healthy living campaign Change4Life will be giving out millions of Games4Life ‘activity check’ questionnaires. Each individual that responds (even if there is more than one in each household) will receive their own personalised action pack, specific for adults or children, to help them get moving more and make the changes they need for a healthier, happier future.

A great tool for the summer holidays, the kids’ packs will include new activity ideas, stickers, tips and prizes, to help children get active. Also featuring new games and tools, the packs will keep boredom at bay over the long summer holidays. Advice for adults in their separate packs will also ensure that it’s not just kids who are getting up and about.

Children aged five to 18 should have 60 active minutes a day and adults should have 150 active minutes a week (younger children aged two to five are recommended to get 180 minutes a day).  This summer will be the perfect time for the young and not-so-young to have fun getting these and feeling the benefits.

If you would like to take part you can register here.  

Posted by Clare Kersey


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