Peter Pan Review

We at KidAround ran a competition to win tickets to see Peter Pan at Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch.  The show is running until the 16th of June, so we sent Anna along to watch the show and tell us all about it.  Here is what she had to say….

Picture credit to Nobby Clark

Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch is a small theatre so no matter where you sit you feel part of the show and can clearly see the stage which is great for little ones.  I attended with my six year old who is very hard to please at times but enjoyed this very much. The actors and costumes were fantastic making the production lively and believable.  Captain Hook was bad but very very good and made us chuckle lots of times with his funny sidekick Smee! As for Peter Pan, he was full of life and played the part extremely well. Gracie said she has lots of favourite bits because she loved it all but she especially liked it  when she had to help Tinkerbel,l the fairy come back to life but you will have to go yourself to find out how! We actually smiled the whole way through until our cheeks hurt. It really is a must see for all the family. Ps. watch out for the ticking crocodile!

Reviewed by Anna and Gracie Hurley

Posted by Clare Kersey


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