Babies everywhere at Easton Farm Park

We are talking about baby animals of course!  Easton Farm are celebrating the births of many baby animals, especially one in particular.

Easton William

After a tough year for the Suffolk horse in 2011 where there was a decrease in the number of foals born, Easton Farm Park are delighted to announce the birth of Easton William, a Suffolk Punch foal born to bring in May Day and already strutting his stuff with his mother Mary on the farm.  The Suffolk Punch horse is rarer than the Giant Panda and each foal born is a cause for celebration.

As well as Easton William, there is a new hairy Mangalitsa pig at Easton Farm Park and lots of lambs, kid goats, bunnies, chicks and ducklings.

This is a unique opportunity to meet the newest arrival on the farm, Easton William, as well as the farm’s other Suffolk Punch horses and all our other animals.  Easton Farm Park is open every day from 10:30am.

For more details please visit

Posted by Clare Kersey


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