Idioma Mats – the new way to learn a language

Idioma have come up with a new way for children to learn a language, using an innovative language mat. We have 6 mats to give away, so we asked what was so special about the Idiomat.

Idioma means language.  The company name has been chosen very carefully with languages in mind.  The products designed by Idioma are quintessentially language and design focused.  Idioma is a merging of two talented freelancers:  language specialist and designer.  Our objective is to focus on promoting world languages through eye-catching contemporary design.  A first product, our A3 language mats encapsulate the company message.  Creative, colourful, modern and dynamic, the Idiomats present an exciting noisy backcloth of new sounds for children, young people and families alike. Offering a choice of 5 different languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish and English, each Idiomat offers English and the foreign language equivalent on either side.  What better way than to get a youngster started on a new world language?  Such a spirited, and practical hands-on task, cannot fail to enthral your youngster, all for a small cost. The reverse of the mat in English is designed to allow a child independently to lay a place setting at a table.  Left and right for laying out the fork and knife cannot be confused providing the child has our Idiomat in front of them.  National speakers – children – pronounce all the words displayed on the mats. Pronunciation for these 5 language options can be found on the blogging area of the website at:

Idioma launched in October 2011 at the Language Show, Olympia, London.  They received a warm reception from a curious audience comprising primary and high school teachers, enthusiastic language-orientated parents, academics and companies of all shapes and sizes.  There has been great support for a useful hands-on activity product such as the Idiomat.  Associated with the mat are many role playing activities.  Delegating table-setting to your child is going to yield a much needed responsibility.  Fulfilling this task in a world language, or in English, will give the child a sense of importance, confidence and theatricality.  It may well engender a curiosity about differently formed words and sounds.  As a parent, you may find yourself being drawn into this world of sounds.  Maybe you yourself start to take an interest in Spanish, or reflect on where you parted company with German, as a young person.  The Idiomats are designed to cater for different language skills/levels.

Scenarios:  Imagine role-playing with the family at mealtimes …. or with grandparents coming to Sunday lunch.  Maybe Dad wants the Italian mat, and so does Mum.  Well, one of them will have to go with German this time, and then, oh dear, the youngest one wants the French mat.  Simple, make a rota, and let the kids organise it, using the languages available.  Using the numbers on the right of each mat, kids can count the potatoes on their plate, or how many strawberries there are in their bowl.  And with colours featured too, strawberries become rouge, rot, rosso, rojo, or red.  Why not make up a quiz about where in the world these languages are spoken?

Last but not least, learning a language can create a zest for building communication skills.  Individual and family dynamics may develop exponentially.  Likewise, confidence and self-awareness are bolt-ons.

Yours to win a pack of Idiomats, and they would love your feedback.  If you aren’t lucky enough to win, then visit the website and place an order with Idioma Ltd.

Good luck! – Bonne chance! – Viel Glück! – Buona fortuna! – ¡Suerte!

To stand a chance of winning a Idiomat or one of our other prizes visit our competition page.

Posted by Clare Kersey


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