That’s Life: A class book review by Mrs Jones and 5J

That’s life is a book by Professor Robert Winston, and is published by Dorling Kindersley.  We have got the publishers review for you and a class review as well.

That’s Life is the latest title in DK’s award-winning science series that includes What Makes Me Me? Can You Feel the Force? and What Goes on in My Head? Professor Robert Winston bursts open the biology of our living world to reveal the intriguing secrets of everything under the sun.

From the very big to the microscopic, That’s life explores the world around us, from the beginning of life, to evolution, ecosystems and life cycles as well as the features and characteristics of the main players in the animal kingdom. Full of fascinating facts and lively texts the book also includes vibrant graphics and pictures. Find out what it takes to survive on Earth, from finding a home, getting on with the neighbours and protecting what’s yours, to the sneaky tactics that some species use to protect their own way of life.

More than just a reference book, That’s Life tackles basic biological principles and covers key topics on the biology curriculum such as ecology, food webs and other nutrient cycles. This book brings biology to life and offers an understanding of the mechanisms that support and sustain life, leaving no question unanswered for budding biologists.

Lavishly illustrated with images, That’s Life is a visual feast packed with explanatory diagrams and photography. Scientific ideas that might seem intimidating in a textbook are stripped to the bare bones, brought to life, and made fun and accessible to help children understand how the world around them works, and their place in it.

Review by the children of class 5J and Mrs Jones

We read the book “ That’s Life” which was about how earth began and all the life forms on earth. We really enjoyed learning about the different species on earth and the food webs in nature. We liked looking at the photographs and diagrams. Our favourite part was learning about how animals use colour in different ways. We didn’t really understand some parts of the book, like the part about different bacteria and cells because we hadn’t heard of them before. We would read this book again because it was interesting and colourful. Overall, we thought this book was brilliant!

Posted by Clare Kersey


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