Win a copy of Out of Bounds by D. Robertson

We have 5 copies of Out of Bounds to give away.  Read below to find out more about this exciting book and it’s author.

Nothing captivates children more than a story of daring adventure, heroism and boundary pushing. Calling on his vast background in the world of education, Author David C. Robertson today announces the release of Out of Bounds – a children’s novel with a flair for the unexpected.

The novel focuses on Ben Harper and his fearless friends who, after going out of bounds on a ski resort leave search and rescue teams with a chilling challenge on their hands. Whilst the search party hunts for clues to their location, Ben and his friends employ teamwork and initiative to overcome a series of thrilling dangers.

The mountain adventure continues as the young group try to reach shelter and safety on a stormbound glacier, with more than a few hiccups along the way.

As Robertson explains, Out of Bounds is based on a number of very subtle educational themes:

“The entire adventure was designed to teach children along the way” says Robertson, who has spent more than two decades as a Primary Head Teacher.
He continues, “The primary lesson is mountain know-how, coupled with interpersonal lessons in bravery, friendship and problem solving.”

Critics are already congratulating Robertson for his latest release, with many framing it as the perfect group study novel, as well as a valuable addition to any school library. “The book is crammed full of unexpected twists and turns, drama and ultimate fate, making it the perfect reading resource to engage children aged from nine to twelve” adds Robertson.

About the Author

David C Robertson has spent most of his life in Edinburgh working in education, with more than 20 years’ experience as a primary head teacher.

In addition to writing, composing and recording school musical productions, he has introduced many children to the excitement of outdoor education and, in particular, skiing.

Now retired, David has used his wide experience of skiing in the Scottish Highlands and resorts throughout Europe to produce a thrilling story about skiing that will appeal to children with a taste for adventure.

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Posted by Clare Kersey


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