New documentary on pregnancy and birth.

Would you like to take part in a new documentary about pregnancy and birth?  If so Sky Living and Alice Dodge would like to hear from you and your partner.

Sky Living are making an eight part observational documentary series  following women and their partner/families on their journey through pregnancy and birth.

In each exciting one hour episode they will be filming two expectant women and their partners/family as they prepare for their new addition and plan their perfect pregnancy. As every pregnancy is different and every woman unique we hope to cover a wide spectrum of stories and approaches to pregnancy. From those seeking holistic advice, others visiting maternity concierge’s, finding support from a Doula and parents to be keeping an eye out for the very best pram.

Sky Living don’t intend to film around the clock but  would like to be present for individual key moments and preparations. From the twenty week scan, visiting pre natal practitioners, decorating the nursery, the baby shower and even the Baby-moon. The climax of the series will culminate in the birth itself and meeting the new arrival. Ultimately, documenting the process for the family to watch in years to come.

A small film crew will be used and they are well aware that they will have access to one of the most important moments of an expectant mother and her family’s life so contributors are talked to in great detail about the filming process before it commences.

Sky Living are also hoping to talk to pregnancy experts and those who specialise in pre-natal treatments and products who may like to take part who have clients/ contacts with mums to be.  During the series Sky Living endeavour to cover a vast array of treatments, therapies and techniques which is why they are looking for different approaches to pregnancy.

If you are interested you can contact Alice on 0207 034 9698 or email

Posted by Clare Kersey


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