Olly Murs Supports Brainwave Children’s Charity

Olly Murs appeared on “Celebrity Deal or No Deal” for his chosen charity and only won fifty pence.  The singer then did something special to make up for it.

The children’s charity Brainwave is delighted to announce that following its Patron singer Olly Murs’s performance on the Channel 4 Show “Celebrity Deal or No Deal” which resulted in him raising the sum of 50 pence after a disastrous run with the legendary boxes, Olly has made a personal donation of £5,000 to support the charity’s work with children who have disabilities and Development Delay.

Olly said ‘I am glad that I got the chance to promote Brainwave on Celebrity Deal or No Deal and helped to raise the profile of this wonderful charity that I am Patron to. I had a terrible game but will continue to fundraise and donate to this amazing cause’.

Phil Edge Chief Executive of Brainwave commented ‘Olly Murs was so disappointed in not winning any money for Children’s Charity Brainwave on ‘Celebrity Deal or No Deal’ that he has very generously made a personal donation of £5,000, for which we are extremely grateful. We would like to thank him most sincerely for taking part in this programme and raising awareness of Brainwave. There was a humorous suggestion during the programme that Brainwave would have to “sack” Olly as Patron. Nothing could be further from the truth and we are very lucky to have him as our Patron.”

Following the programme Brainwave saw its Twitter feed jammed with messages of support from many of Olly’s fans wishing to make a donation and the charity is confident that hundreds, possibly thousands, of pounds will have been raised by those who understood Olly’s pain and wanted to support his charity.

You can help Olly raise more money for Brainwave by texting OLLY30 £1  to 70070

About Brainwave

Brainwave works with families to deliver home based individual therapies and exercises to help children with disabilities and Developmental Delay reach their full potential. That potential might be anything from a child sitting or walking to feeding themselves or counting. The children on Programme have a range of conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, genetic conditions including Down ‘s syndrome, as well as Autism or General Development Delay.

Families are invited to attend an Initial Assessment where the whole family is assessed and a Programme tailor made for that child developed. The parents are then shown how to deliver that Programme, which they undertake at home, returning to the Centre every 4-6 months for it to be adjusted as the child progresses.

The Centre in Somerset was set up in 1982 and Brainwave has also two further Centres in Witham, Essex and in Birchwood, Warrington as well as satellite clinics in Ireland and Scotland so that families can access Brainwave wherever they are based in the UK.

Places on the Programme are available for children at all three Centres. For more information see http://www.brainwave.org.uk

Facts About Brainwave

1. Brainwave’s team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists development therapists and teachers seek to transform the lives of children with disabilities. By working with parents, giving them relevant therapy equipment and teaching them correct handling skills, they are empowered to actively participate in their child’s development.

2. Families are invited to the Centre for a two-day Initial Assessment where the child is assessed and a Programme designed for the child. On the second day the family are shown how to undertake the exercises, which they then carry out at home, returning to the Centre every 4-6 months when the exercises are adjusted.

3. Brainwave was set up in 1982 and moved into the Centre in Huntworth Gate, Bridgwater in 1986. This Centre operates as the Charity’s head office.

4. Brainwave currently has over 530 families on Programme nationally.

5. See the charity’s videos at http://uk.youtube.com/BrainwaveCentre .

6. Brainwave uses mainstream neuroplasticity techniques in its Programmes. Most of its therapists are NHS trained.

7. Brainwave’s President is HRH The Countess of Wessex GCVO and the Vice Presidents include Lady Gass, Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Somerset.

Posted by Clare Kersey


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