Two new attractions open at Sea-Life Adventure

Sea-Life Adventure on Southend seafront have opened up a new exhibit this month.  Are you brave enough to enter the Crawl Wall?

The Crawl Wall features twenty-one individual displays of some of the most fearsome and deadly beasts known to man right next to each other – one of the biggest exhibit’s of this type in the UK, and a sight most definitely not for the faint hearted!

Arachnid fans will love the Chile Rose and Red Knee Tarantula’s. They’re right next to the Imperial and Hissing Scorpions and just along from the Orchid and Peacock Praying Mantis. Elsewhere the Crawl Wall has the appropriately named Assassin Bugs, Hissing and Green Cockroaches, Locusts, Giant centipedes and millipede’s and much more to make your skin…. well, crawl.

If your nerve holds then make your way to the Scale Trail – right next to the Morlet’s Crocodile enclosure, the home of a juvenile croc called Steak who will eventually grow to 3 metres long.

The undoubted star of the Scale Trail is the Panther Chameleon – a native of Madagascar which can grow up to 50cms long and completely change its colour depending on temperature, mood and light. And it would not be a Scale Trail without snakes – and this one is home to a North American Corn Snake (which can grow to 1.8metres long) and the red, yellow and black Milk Snake. From Central Asia there is the Leopard Gecko and his cousin’s the Madagascan Day and Crested Geckos.

Harry Potter fans will love the Basilisk Lizard, familiar from its starring role in the books of the teenage wizard. Tiger Salamanders (known sometimes as ‘waterdogs’ for their facial similarity to canines), Mexican Axolotls – now mostly extinct in the wild – a Red Sided Skink and a pair of Bearded Dragons (who’ve recently become parents) complete the display.

Sea-Life Manager Lucy Hodge says “We are constantly trying to develop new and exciting displays to give families plenty of new reasons to come and visit Sea-Life. I think the Crawl Wall and Scale Trail are going to be really popular as all kids love creepy crawly creatures that are a little bit scary!” She added “These developments are just two of many we’ve been making around Sea-Life over the past few months – we’ve just constructed a Turtle Bay, we have a fantastic new Ocean Planet Tank and our rockpool area now has a ‘Kingdom of the Carapace’ display. We’ve also been working on a new Conservation area. So if you haven’t been to Sea-Life Adventure recently, it’s well worth a visit to see all the new and exciting things we have.”

Sea-Life Adventure is the South East’s premier aquatic attraction, featuring over 40 displays and an active conservation programme. Find out more at

Posted by Clare Kersey


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