Papa’s Big Tomato Challenge

Are you looking for an activity that you can do with children of all ages?  How about giving the Tomato Challenge a try?

Dolmio are giving away free tomato seeds this Easter to get families growing; this will provide parents with the perfect opportunity to indulge their kids in some fun, free and educational activities. The great thing about growing tomatoes is that you don’t need much space. Window boxes or yoghurt cartons are the perfect place to cultivate them; allowing children to enjoy watching their very own plants flourish at home.

For tips and information on how to grow a great tomato plant and to get hold of a free pack of seeds visit Papa’s Big Tomato Challenge.  The website also offers recipes, games and fun facts.

Scout groups and school can order multiple packs to take part in the Tomato Challenge together.

There is a limit of 100,000 seed packets, so don’t miss out. You also have to register by 5 August 2012. This offer is restricted to Great Britain only.

Posted by Clare Kersey


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