The World Wildlife Fund Earth Hour.

Are you interested in whether your food is sustainable? The World Wildlife Fund would like to draw attention to the food that we all eat and the impact it has on the planet.

What’s all the buzz about?

There’s only 4 days to go until WWF’s Earth Hour on 31st March, 8.30pm and WWF want everyone to know about it, so help them make some noise! Like WWF’s Earth Hour UK on Facebook and become part of a huge community of people who all care about our brilliant world. You’ll be able to keep up to date with the latest news and discover interesting photos, facts and stories – it’s also a chance to let the WWF know your thoughts and have your say. They want to get Earth Hour trending! If you’re not already, then you can follow them on Twitter and tweet your support using #earthhour.  And why not take up an ‘I Will If You Will’ challenge (or create a dare if you’re brave enough)? It’s all about a simple promise and a challenge. Ask yourself, what are you willing to do to convince others to take action for the planet?And finally, check out their YouTube playlist  – there’s lots to watch from their ‘good for you, good for the planet’ celebrity chef recipes to our spectacular Earth Hour films. You may even spot a panda doing a spot of break dancing – don’t ask!

P.S. Give the government some food for thought. As you know the food everybody eats has a huge impact on the planet, which is why the WWF have been sharing tasty recipes that are healthy and sustainable. The WWF feel it is important that everybody does their bit, but they also need the government to step up and take action. Find out how you can help

Posted by Clare Kersey


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