Colchester Schools Olympic Torch Competition

This is a chance for primary schools in Colchester to enter a competition to meet the Mayer of Colchester and to watch the Olympic Torch relay as it passes through Colchester.

WIN the chance to meet the Mayor of Colchester and then watch the Olympic Torch Relay from the High Street!

Colchester Borough Council is inviting every primary school in the borough to take part in an exciting competition to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay coming through our historic town on Friday 6th July 2012.

The Competition

Each school is being invited to submit a list of ten objects they would put in a time capsule to describe what life in Colchester is like on 6th July 2012.

The Prize

The winning school will receive a fantastic prize as follows:

– The items suggested will be made into an actual time capsule by Colchester Borough Council in collaboration with the winning school.

– The time capsule will be buried in Castle Park (at a time/location decided by the Council) and a plaque featuring the school’s name will mark the spot where it is buried.

– The school can put forward ten pupils (and two chaperones) who will be invited to Colchester Town Hall on the day of the Olympic Torch Relay to meet the Mayor of Colchester. These ten pupils will enjoy a short reception with the Mayor. They will then be able to watch the Olympic Torch Relay from outside the Town Hall.

How to Enter

  • Each school can submit one entry.
  • The entry must be submitted in writing, either by email or letter.
  • The entry must feature a list of ten items for the time capsule, with a short description describing why each item was chosen (no more than 75 words per description).
  • Some items on the winning list may need to be adapted or represented in an alternative way to fit inside the time capsule.
  • Entries must be received by 5pm on Monday 28th May 2012.
  • The winner will be announced on Monday 11th June 2012.
  • Entries should be submitted to or

Olympic Torch Relay Competition
Communications and Marketing
Rowan House
Sheepen Road

Terms and Conditions

  • Entries will be judged by the Mayor of Colchester and the Olympic Torch Relay working group after the closing date.
  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision.
  • There are no alternatives to the prize.
  • The winning school will be asked to participate in publicity (parental permission will need to be obtained).
  • The ten pupils and two chaperones from the winning school will need to arrive at Colchester Town Hall at approximately 7.15am on 6th July for their reception with the Mayor before moving onto the High Street at approximately 7.50am to watch the Olympic Torch Relay. (Please note how you travel to the Town Hall may be affected by traffic on the day).
  • The time capsule will remain the property of Colchester Borough Council.
  • The maintenance of the site where the capsule will be buried is the responsibility of Colchester Borough Council.

Entry Tips

This time capsule should immortalise what life is like in Colchester on 6th July 2012. You should think about the everyday tasks and activities that take place as part of life in Colchester. On a normal day what do people do in Colchester? What kind of receipts, tickets and other paperwork do people handle everyday? What kinds of shops, organisations and attractions make up Colchester? What are peoples’ aspirations on what the future will be like for Colchester? How do people live? What kinds of transport do they use? What do people love most about Colchester? What will people be doing on this day as the Olympic Torch Relay passes through?

The time capsule should give an overview of what life is like in Colchester, so that in many years to come it could describe exactly what things were like on this very special day in 2012.

Good luck!

Posted by Clare Kersey


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