My Review of Blood Red Road

I am reviewing Blood Red Road by Moira Young. I thought that this was a fantastic book! At first I found the dialect quite hard to understand, but if you imagined reading it aloud, it was quite easy! Towards the middle of the book, it got quite dreary and slow, but soon picked up the pace again!

When Saba’s brother, Lugh, gets kidnapped infront of her eyes, she is horrified. When her brother’s kidnappers then brutally murder her father, she realises she has to fend for her orphaned self and younger sister Emmi.

Saba’s world is a violent and dangerous one, where anything can happen. In a journey to save her brother and family, she meets an handsome thief, Jack, and the evil Pinches. The range of people she meets is amazing, all the characters so different, but so alike in so many ways.

You learn so quickly the Saba has been the “timid” one in Lugh and Saba’s twinship, with Lugh being the “light” and Saba being the “shadow”. Saba’s mother died giving birth to Emmi, and her father has been slowly decreasing in happiness and health for nine years. How will Saba cope on her journey down this Blood Red Road? Read it and find out!

Posted by Cicely Thomas


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