National Allergy Week Survey


23rd – 29th April 2012
Allergy is widespread in the UK. Around 21 million adults suffer from at least one allergy, but that number continues to rise. By 2015, 50% of Europeans are expected to suffer from allergies.

Allergy UK’s National Allergy Week (23rd to 29th April 2012) is designed to raise awareness of the largely unrecognised issues allergy sufferers face.

ImageWith spring just around the corner, so too is the start of the pollen season which can spell misery for allergy sufferers across the UK. National Allergy Week will be focusing on the most common form of allergy, seasonal allergic rhinitis, otherwise known as hay fever. The week will highlight the severity of the condition, symptoms and the breadth of suffering.

But all too often people don’t just suffer from one allergy. In fact 10 million adults have two or more allergies meaning a reaction can be triggered by many different sources. National Allergy Week will help allergy sufferers understand the triggers of the most common allergies and provide techniques to help manage their condition.

ImageAllergy UK is the leading national medical charity providing advice, information and support to people with allergies, food intolerance and chemical sensitivity. Allergy UK acts as the ‘voice’ of allergy sufferers, representing the views and needs of those affected by this multi organ disease.

Allergy UK makes a difference through a dedicated helpline and network for sufferers. The charity provides invaluable information and guidance to empower sufferers so that they can manage their symptoms and receive appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

ImageThis National Allergy Week, Allergy UK is encouraging everyone to get involved to show their support. Fundraising events will be taking place throughout the week. Through Allergy UK’s helpline 01322 619898 and website. People are able to receive individual advice and download fact sheets on all aspects of allergy.

DurinImageg National Allergy week Allergy UK need your help to find out what the top five allergies are in the UK, demonstrate the severity of the conditions, common symptoms and the breadth of suffering. Below is a link to a survey and they would be hugely grateful if you could complete the questionnaire.

The resulting piece of research for National Allergy Week will help Allergy UK better understand the triggers of the most common allergies and draw attention to the plight of the allergy sufferer.

Everyone is welcome to take part and all responses are completely anonymous.

Click here to complete the allergy survey

Posted by Tracy Thomas


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