Simple as……a Cupcake Brainwave Bake!

Brainwave is a charity that provides help to children who have developmental delay, a brain injury or a genetic condition and are aged between 6 months and 12 years.  They have launched the Cupcake Brainwave Bake to celebrate their 30th birthday.

To celebrate a 30th birthday what could be more appropriate than a cake, and when it comes to fund raising, one cake is never enough! To celebrate its 30th birthday in 2012 children’s charity Brainwave is launching a year long Cupcake Bake fund raiser backed by TV celebrity chef Simon Rimmer who has produced a special recipe for the occasion.

Thank you to Little Gems for the picture.

Simon comments, “Anyone can take on the Cupcake Bake – it’s quick, fun and you can make the cakes in your own individual style. The ingredients are both easy to find and inexpensive to create, to sell on to friends, family and work colleagues. By doing so you can put a smile on someone’s face as well as raise funds for Brainwave and support  the fantastic work they do”

Paul Smith, Brainwave Community Fund raiser, says “We wanted something that was a really simple fund raising idea that everyone can take part in. The idea is that anyone who wants to take part during the year just needs to bake some cupcakes and then raise money by selling them to friends and family. There is also a great opportunity for children to take part and perhaps sell their cakes at schools and youth clubs. We are also hoping that some businesses that bake and sell cupcakes can be persuaded to support us by dedicating a particular day to a Brainwave bake and then give a donation from the proceeds to the charity.”

If you want to find out more about how to take part in the bake, visit the Brainwave website:   People are being encouraged to take photos of their creative efforts and post them on the Brainwave Facebook page.

Brainwave works with families to deliver home based therapies and exercises to help children with disabilities and Developmental Delay reach their full potential. It has three Centres (Essex, Cheshire and Somerset) and undertakes satellite clinics in both Ireland and Scotland.

Places on the programme are available for children at all three Centres. For more information see ; email: or phone: 01278 429089.


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