The Electra Brown Series by Helen Bailey Book Review

With glittery colourful covers and hearts over the “I”s, the Electra Brown books are the ultimate teenage girly books. In book one, Life at the Shallow End, we first meet 13-year-old Electra Brown. Your classic teenage girl, obsessed with looks, boys and being popular. It’s January 2nd, and the Brown family have just finished lunch. The Little Runt, Electra’s little brother, Jack, is playing with his Christmas present toys. Ellie, the mother with the Mighty Mammaries- as Electra calls them- is sleeping after many glasses of red wine. Electra is texting her friends, Sorrel Callender and Lucy Malone. Electra’s father is washing up. It seems like a normal family. But it’s very much not. Electra’s dad has just dropped a bombshell. He’s leaving.

Electra later finds out he left them for a young woman called Candy, ironically named, as she is a dentist. Electra tells the rest of her friends Claudia Barnes, Natalie “Butterface” and “Tammy Two-Names”, Tamara Lennox-Hill. Claudia has always been there, done that, got the t-shirt and almost certainly worn it. Her parents split up before Electra’s (not that that is a good thing!), she started bringing in no-shower-period-notes when she was 11 and has snogged almost every boy in town. Lucy and Electra rate almost every boy they see on the Snogability Scale or the S Scale. 1-5, 5 being the boys only obtainable in your dreams, 1 being a boy you would never kiss. The only person, in Electra’s opinion, who never wavers from a perfect 5 is Javier Antonio Garcia, better known as Jags, or even The Spanish Lurve God. Her crazy stories are continued in all 5  books. Sadly, I am yet to read the fifth, Falling Hook, Line and Sinker, but the other 4 are awesome. I would recommend these to girls who are over 13.  Brilliant.

Posted by Cicely Thomas


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