The Lowe Syndrome Trust has launched the Garden of Hope campaign to raise money towards finding a cure for the debilitating childhood condition, Lowe Syndrome.

A major new fundraising campaign has been launched by the Lowe
Syndrome Trust, the life-giving charity supported by Jonathan Ross, Penny
Lancaster Stewart and many more. The small UK-based charity has so far
raised £1m towards finding a cure for the debilitating childhood condition,
Lowe Syndrome. But where the first million took 10 years, the new campaign
and its celebrity supporters aim to raise the second million in just 10

The ‘Celebrity Garden of Hope’ is a web-based fundraiser inspired by the infamous ‘Million Pound Homepage’ – an internet phenomenon in 2005/6. It invites people to choose from a range of celebrities and then help their chosen celebrity’s tree grow leafy online, by donating £5 a leaf. The trees will grow day by day as donations come in. Supporting celebrities include not only Jonathan Ross and Penny Lancaster
Stewart but Dame Shirley Bassey, JLS, Melanie C, Nicola Roberts and Tony
Hadley of Spandau Ballet.

The Lowe Syndrome Trust was founded by its chair and tireless campaigner,
Lorraine Thomas, when her own son, Oscar, was diagnosed with the condition
and she could see no hope of a cure or even of arresting the disease’s
progress. It is now the world’s lifeline for those with Lowe Syndrome.

“We took 10 years to raise the first million pounds,” says Lorraine, “and as
a result we’re seeing real advances that could mean a cure. But we can’t
wait another 10 years: the research is on the verge of breakthroughs and it
needs funds now! So we’re going for a million in 10 months!”

Lowe Syndrome is a rare, incurable and degenerating condition that affects
the brain, eyes, kidneys, bones and muscles. All children are born with
cataracts in their eyes, leaving them blind or partially sighted, and sadly
some children never walk or talk, depending on the severity of the disease.

Oscar Thomas was diagnosed with Lowe Syndrome at the age of five and at the
time was not expected to live long. He is now a remarkable 17 but, like so
many others, his future depends on the research funded by the Lowe Syndrome

“With further funding,” says Lorraine, “help for Oscar and the thousands of
other children is almost tangible. The Celebrity Garden of Hope could make
it real.”

The plan has the support of Jonathan Ross, who said, “The charity really has
done amazing work in the last 10 years, supporting families affected by Lowe
Syndrome and funding vital research into a cure. I am encouraging everyone
to get involved in the Lowe 10 month campaign to raise one million pounds
and make it a truly memorable year for the charity.”

Patron Penny Lancaster said: “I know I am one of many that realise how lucky
we are to have good health and find it overwhelming when you think of all
the different charities that need help, especially those that need vital
funds for research towards cures for incurable and debilitating disease.”

She continued: “Having healthy, growing children, as I do, my heart goes out
to parents with the challenges of young children with life threatening
illnesses like Lowe Syndrome”.

As well as picking a celebrity and donating a leaf, donors can add their own
message and choose whether to be identified or remain anonymous. Larger
donations are welcome to add more leaves and sponsorship is available. When
the trees between them have 200,000 leaves, all online, the million pound
mark will be reached.

Donors can also follow their donations: rare among charities, the website
enables them to follow their money, see which research project they’re
helping to fund and track its success. People can donate to more than one
tree, giving them the opportunity to be part of several research projects.

Lorraine concludes: “It has been an emotional journey since I founded the
charity, but I am spurred on by the way research is now progressing. If we
can continue to fund the projects, a cure is very near. Having a son
diagnosed with Lowe Syndrome is the most heartbreaking and frightening
experience. No child should suffer in this way. The ‘Celebrity Garden of
Hope’ is designed to replace a future of fear with a future full of hope.”

The Celebrity Garden of Hope is now live at
and will remain live for 10 months.

Posted by Lucy Cook



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