Win a copy of the amazing new book Space Lizards Stole My Brain! by Mark Griffiths!

To celebrate the release of Mark Griffiths’ hilarious new book, KidAround have 6 copies to give away!

Win a copy of Space Lizards Stole My Brain

Meet Admiral Skink, fearsome warlord ruler of the space lizards – but what happens when he swaps brains with a rather normal young boy, Lance
Spratley? Packed full of clever, witty prose and vibrant illustrations from Pete Williamson, Space Lizards Stole My Brain! is the first instalment of a crazy, fun new series for younger readers.

When Admiral Skink, an alien-lizard warlord from the planet Swerdlix, is attacked by his worst enemy he faces a certain death… Luckily, his underlings have installed a nifty invention that safely transfers Skink’s mind on to a memory wafer and jettisons it through space to find a suitable temporary “home” until he can be rescued. Unluckily for eleven-year-old Lance Spratley, it just so happens that the temporary
home for Admiral Skink’s mind is his body!
While Skink deals with being trapped in Lance’s useless body – it can’t even breathe fire! – Lance is transferred to a virtual waiting room surrounded by the lizard race who seem intent on destroying Earth. Will Lance ever get his body back? And if he does will he be able to thwart Admiral Skink and the Swerdlixians plans to invade Earth…?

There are 6 copies of Space Lizards Stole My Brain! up for grabs for 6 lucky winners. To enter please send your name, address and contact telephone number to

Competition ends Monday 16th January.

Posted by Lucy Cook


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