Dick and Dom crown Britain’s best young joker

Comedy duo Dick and Dom were invited to judge Britain’s Best Young Joker competition. The winner, Jeremy Winridge-France enjoyed a wonderful day out in London and the chance to help out on the joke page of TOXIC magazine!

Jeremy and his family meet Dick and Dom on their wonderful day out in London

Britain’s much loved comedy duo Dick and Dom have announced the winner of TOXIC magazine’s ‘The Big Joke’ competition as 6-year-old Jeremy Windridge-France from Leeds.

As the lucky competition winner, Jeremy and his family, including his brother and sister Archie and Scarlett, were invited to take part in a fun-packed day out in London. To kick off the day, the family visited London’s famous toy store, Hamleys where they enjoyed the morning picking out and playing with their favourite toys. TOXIC had provided Jeremy with £100 in vouchers for the family to spend.

Several hours later with Hamleys bags in tow – and after a hearty lunch – the family was whizzed off for part two of the day at the TOXIC offices.

Upon arrival, Dick and Dom were on hand to surprise and congratulate Jeremy on his achievement. Filled with excitement, the comedy duo spent the afternoon helping Jeremy choose and edit potential jokes for the upcoming magazine’s joke page – in between playing pranks on each other with the resident TOXIC whoopee cushion, of course.

The Big Joke campaign, which launched in late July, challenged 6-11 year old boys to tell their funniest jokes in the funniest possible way. To enter, TOXIC asked boys to film themselves telling their best jokes and upload the film clip to the TOXIC website. Entries were then judged by Dick and Dom on all aspects of joke telling, funny voices, dressing up, location, and of course the all-important punch line.

As the winner, Jeremy will also feature in the magazine as having helped to create the jokes page when it goes on sale on the 4th January 2012.

“We chose Jeremy as TOXIC’s Big Joke competition winner mainly because he had the best delivery. Also to add, he dressed up for the moment in his whistle and flute (suit), his sister as a grumpy fairy and gave the joke real confidence, gusto and aplomb! Most importantly the joke was very funny, and he stood out right away – a good lad!” Dick and Dom, TOXIC magazine’s Big Joke competition judges

“The best thing about winning the competition was getting to see Dick and Dom, helping to pick the best jokes was fun too!” TOXIC’S Big Joke competition winner, Jeremy Windridge-France. Two of Jeremy’s winning jokes are:

Q: What do you call two naughty robbers?
A: A pair of knickers!
Q: What’s red and sits in a corner?
A: A VERY naughty strawberry!

“Jeremy hasn’t stopped bouncing around with excitement since finding out he had won TOXIC’s Big Joke competition! He is a massive Dick and Dom fan and I have a feeling the whole family will be talking about this day for years to come.” Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France (TOXIC’S Big Joke competition winner Jeremy’s mum)

Posted by Lucy Cook


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