Grow with Timocco this Christmas!

Timocco is an interactive game that helps children with various disabilities improve their skills while having fun.

Timocco is an interactive game that helps improve children's cognitive and motor development.

If you have a child with special needs Timocco really could be the perfect Christmas gift this year. Timocco is a unique product that has been created to assist with cognitive and motor development of children with a wide range of abilities and ages and is now available here in the UK through OM Interactive.

The Home Edition of Timocco provides interactive games based on body motion tracking technology and gives parents a fantastic opportunity to enhance parent and child interaction in a safe, friendly and fun environment. The non-competitive games are played using body movements which are tracked by Timocco’s unique software and hand held body tracking controllers.

To ensure children maintain their interest in Timocco, the games are set in different colourful environments such as the sky, the beach and the garden and feature numerous activities including popping bubbles and catching falling fruit. Each game has been carefully designed to ensure every activity helps develop the child’s motor and cognitive skills while at the same time allowing them to have fun. For example, playing with both hands up in the air will strenthen your child’s shoulders and arms. While popping bubbles encourages them to use both hands in the correct sequence together, therefore improving coordination.

As a child develops and their ability evolves, the supervision and analysis software allows you to adapt the games to meet any specific physical or mental requirements which you feel need additional support

“We truly believe that this product can make a real difference to children with special needs. The developers of Timocco have a philosophy that all therapy should be fun and seeing the smile on the child’s face along with that of their parents, brothers and sisters is incredibly rewarding” commented Mishka Klotz, Director of OM Interactive.

There are also the Plus and the Pro editions which have been designed to be used by healthcare professionals and SEN teachers in a professional environment.

If you would like more information on Timocco or wish to purchase one in time for Christmas just visit or call 01444 215 555.

Posted by Emily Richardson


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