A Positive Approach to Tackle Children Who Are Bullied.

It’s the end of Anti – Bullying Week which runs from 14th – 18th November which has highlighted certain issues that need to be addressed regarding bullying within the school environment.

Children being bullied have apparently been advised to act “less gay” new reports have claimed.

This shocking claim was made by pupils in a report on bullying in schools in Essex.

Teachers are provided with very little training around bullying and are welcoming additional support to guide them in dealing with bullied children.

A London based company Kidz4Mation specialises in boosting children’s confidence and raising their self-esteem. The highly trained instructors run workshops and one-to-one sessions to help children who are bullied or lack confidence. Workshops are delivered in an engaging and an entertaining way using tools and techniques to overcome their shyness or lack of confidence that leads to bullying.

Pupils in England are more worried about bullying than those elsewhere in Europe, a study suggests. Almost one in three school children in England fears being the victim of antisocial behaviour or crime compared with one in five in other European countries (survey by The Anglia Ruskin University).

Research for ChildLine and the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) found that just over half (54%) of both primary and secondary school children thought that bullying was ‘a big problem’ or ‘quite a big problem’ in their school. Just over half (51%) of Year 5 students (aged 9-10) reported that they had been bullied during the preceding term.

A mother whose son Pradyuman, aged 7 attended a workshop in Ilford in October, said: “My son used to stutter a lot, which was a reason for other children to make fun of him. As a result, he was unhappy to go to school. Since joining the Kidz4Mation course, my son has become more confident and stands up to those who make fun of him. He has never done this before – this was a huge step for him.  He is a much happier person and going to school is a not a pain for him anymore” – Mother of a 7 year old

Ivan Lewis, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Young people and Adult Skills, November 2003 stated in the DFES 2003 report, ‘Tackling bullying’, “I think if there had been more of an upfront discussion about bullying, and a series of things going in the school which recognised it could be a problem, and messages to me which said, `If this is getting too much for you, come and chat to somebody’, I think it would have helped in a big way.”

Seema Thobhani, Director and Co-Founder of Kidz4Mation, said: “We are on a mission to improve the lives of every child in Britain. We want to help children who are living in a fear of getting bullied. If your child is being bullied, it can blight their life, making them miserable and reducing their self-worth. Don’t live in despair, help is available.”

More information on Kidz4Mation
Kidz4Mation has changed the lives of over a thousand children since it was launched in June 2009. It has published six stories featuring Mikey the monkey. Each book teaches a different life skill, like turning an ‘I can’t do it’ attitude into ‘I can do it’. The company was set up by Amal and Santa Simothy and Hitul and Seema Thobhani to improve children’s performance at school by raising their confidence and teaching them valuable life skills. Shyness, lack of self-esteem and bullying are some of the problems they have helped children overcome through their books, resources and workshops.

For more information please visit www.kidz4mation.com

Posted by Emily Richardson


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