Why should I advertise in KidAround?

I have run KidAround magazine for over 11 years, and in that time I have been proud to watch it grow from a very homespun 16 page black and white leaflet for parents in Colchester to a glossy magazine which is sent out to over 119,000 families across the whole of Essex each quarter.

Recently I was out socially and, upon discovering what I do, a woman turned to me and simply said “Thank you for KidAround. I would be absolutely lost without it.” Hearing comments such as these makes everything feel worthwhile and also illustrates just how much KidAround means to so many families.

Many companies ask why they should advertise their business with KidAround and perhaps you are asking the same question. I would like to give some basic answers to start with!

KidAround is the most established free family magazine in Essex. This means that it is very well known and each issue is eagerly anticipated by our readers. Parents know that they can turn to KidAround to find out what’s on, where to go and who to call in their area. By bringing together a great deal of useful, local information the magazine is a godsend for many and saves busy people hours of hunting around in disparate places to get the same knowledge. Consequently KidAround is a very valued part of the parenting community.

KidAround offers unrivalled reach in to the family market in Essex. Currently over 119,000 copies of KidAround, over two editions (North and South Essex), are distributed each quarter. If you want to target local families, KidAround offers unparalleled opportunities to do so. Our bespoke network of stockists ensures that copies go direct to families with children aged from birth to twelve in Essex. This means no wastage for your advertising budget.

KidAround offers good value for money. Surveys of our readers have shown that, because the magazine is packed with useful listings and information, they keep their copies and refer to them over and over again. This means that your ad will be seen repeatedly.

Advertising in KidAround offers great quality. With high production values, attention to detail and great customer service, the KidAround team aims to please!

KidAround offers wide coverage throughout the magazine and online. Listings will be provided in as many sections as are relevant – Diary Dates; Get Active; Birth and Beyond; Childcare Providers; Let’s Party; Classified and Wellbeing all carry listings which offer useful additional exposure.

KidAround offers editorial opportunities. Each quarter, KidAround runs special features offering FREE editorial and an image to advertisers to help back up their message.

I sincerely believe that KidAround offers businesses who wish to reach local families a good value, high quality, effective and proven way of doing so. As a small, local company ourselves, we understand the needs of your business and we are here to help you every step of the way!

If you think you would like to use KidAround to help to promote your company, please call me on 01206 548700 or email me: tracy.thomas@kidaround.biz

I look forward to hearing from you!

Posted by Tracy Thomas


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