KidAround’s Charity Of The Year 2012

KidAround Magazine is delighted to announce that our charity of the year for 2012 will be Wipe Away Those Tears.

Wipe Away Those Tears are searching for more families to help; if you or a family you know of could benefit from their services, please contact Gail O’Shea at the email address below.

Wipe Away Those Tears was set up in January 2007 by a couple who live in Brentwood. Being blessed with four healthy children, they decided that they would like to help others. They were tired of paying into charities where they did not know where the money was being spent and could see no end result of their efforts.

Wipe Away Those Tears helps children and their families that live in Essex. We help children with life limiting or life threatening conditions. We have no cures to offer and all too often some of our wishes will end in sadness, but during desperate times when there seems to be no hope, we aim to bring a sparkle into special childrens’ lives, no matter how big or small. A wish granted brings a time of magic and joy and the courage that these very special children show should inspire us all.

When you give to charity, I am sure that you wonder how much of your donation actually helped the intended cause and how much was wasted on administration and overheads. Wipe Away Those Tears has no overheads or administration costs, every penny that is raised goes towards helping very special children from the local area.

Gail O’Shea does all the administration herself and welcomes families to email her at with details of their child and how the charity can help them.

posted by Lisa Hall


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